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  • DIN EN ISO 14001:2004
  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015


Technical brushes designed for the perfect fit - Kullen-Koti has been providing innovative solutions to customers and partners the world over for more than 100 years.

Kullen-Koti offers exactly the right brush to address customer-specific industrial applications in every sector - through to individual one-off solutions.

Kullen-Koti makes selecting and implementing better solutions faster, simpler and more reliable - backed by sound expertise and one of world's biggest product ranges.

Brush technology from Kullen-Koti - for greater productivity, reliability and economy across wide-ranging processes, with highly efficient application solutions which are fit for the future.

This traditional company headquartered in Reutlingen maintains representations and sales offices around the world. Since 2012, Kullen-Koti has been a part of the Dutch KOTI Group, which is active in 11 locations around the world with a workforce of around 850.
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Machine brushes

The RECORD with crimped wire fill is suitable for deburring, cleaning, smoothing, polishing, dulling, paint stripping and roughing. The twist-knotted ULTRA for treatment of welding seams, descaling an...

Industrial brushes (ST-System)

The modular principle underlying our one-way system of trapezoidal toothed roller brushes provides for fast, low cost changes of brushes. They can be installed and similarly removed by a simple hand o...

Sealing Brushes

Our sealing brushes are available in many forms and with a wide variety of profiles. These profiles can also be used as mounting flanges, for example in a self-adhesive design, or fixed by screws or b...

Brush seals

The bristles of strip brushes are fitted in a metal backing tape. This allows the brushes to be mounted by means of holders or inserted into grooves. For example, as replacements for special circular...

Special brushes

Our special types consist of 10 types of strip brushes with metal backing widths from 1,8 mm to 13,5 mm, which we can produce in a large range of variations.

Tool brushes

KULLEN End, Cup and Bevel brushes give a gleaming finish to oxidised or coated metal surfaces. They are all-rounders in drilling machines, on angle grinders and in machining centres, performing such t...

Strip brushes

No other brush type is as versatile as KULLEN strip and sealing brushes. Our brushes have the characteristic of adapting flexibly to a surface and keeping it completely sealed. In the past, the brushe...

Round brushes

Circular brushes are defined as brushes with a body length of up to 100 mm. The comprehensive range of dimensions, core materials, fill materials and fill configurations demonstrate the versability of...

Spark plug brushes

Park plug brushes ensure that the sparks stay bright. They clean electrical contacts, especially on sparkplugs.

Cleaning brushes

Strip roller brushes 302 are indeed unique and easy-to-handle: you only purchase the roller brush core once and easily refill it by yourself with the corresponding strip brushes after wear. And beside...

Wire brushes

Scratch brushes with wooden cores are available in different working widths (number of rows). Scratch Brushes help to clean, remove rust, descale and fettle

Roller Brushes with Metal Backing Tape

In continuous use on the production line. KULLEN roller brushes with strip metal backing tapes must meet demanding requirements in industrial manufacturing operations. Economising, automating and cont...

KULLEN-KOTI presents brush solutions for automated deburring
KULLEN-KOTI supplies brush systems for numerous trades in the building industry