Rubber Springs

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Products and Services in the Area of Rubber Springs (5)


Units for mechanical engineering with multi-function purpose combine a bearing, spring, noise- and vibration damper.


The RESATEC Rubber Suspension Units type LTA can be applicable in any type of industry. With a torque angle of +/– 32°and and almost unlimited fixing possibilities, the units are very suitable for mod...


ROSTA currently manufactures customer-specific special rubber suspension units! From the smallest production runs in welded construction up to large volumes for the automotive industry, in sintered me...

Manufacturers, Distributors and Service Providers in the Area of Rubber Springs (3)

We are the leading Manufacturer of rubber suspension devices, based on vibro-jointed metal/rubber mounts for tensioning, guiding, pressing, oscillating and damping. Production in Switzerland with own subsidiaries and world-wide distribution partners. Main applications: chain and belt tensioners, elastic swivel mounts...
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