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Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Products: Electronic Subassemblies, Injection Molded Plastics, Plastic Bonded To Metal, Turning Services, Stampings, Electric Fuses, Crimping Machines
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Products: Connector Accessories, AS-Interface, Industrial Connectors, Assembly Connectors, Plug connectors, Circular Connectors, Sensor Connectors
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
More than 60 years of experience in temperature measurement and control technique as well as in cable production have made a one man business a...
Products: Cables & Lines, Flexible Cables, Hybrid Cables, Control Lines, Electric Wiring Harnesses, Halogen Free Cables, Temperature Probes
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
As a global leader in advanced cabling and connectivity solutions, Nexans brings energy to life through an extensive range of best-in-class products and innovative services....
Products: Cables & Lines, Control Lines, Copper Wires, Power Distribution Cables, Electric Power Cables, Installation Cables, Solar Cables, Heating Cables
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Products: Cables & Lines, Microphone Cables, Ribbon cable, Automotive Cables, Hybrid Cables, Control Lines, Halogen Free Cables, Video Cables, Solar Cables
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
The story of igus® begins on 15th October 1964 with Günter Blase in a double garage in Cologne-Mülheim. For the first twenty years, we worked...
Products: Cables & Lines, Ball Bushings, Thrust Bearings, Control Lines, Ball Bearings, Crossarms, Cable chains, Halogen Free Cables
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Products: Ribbon cable, High Frequency Cables, Control Lines, Explosion Proof Cable Glands, Fiber Optic Patch Cables, Fiber Optic Cables, Assembly Connectors
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Products: Local Area Network Components, Ethernet Connectors, I/O Modules, Network Hubs, Installation Cables, Fiber Optic Patch Cables, Ethernet Switches
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Products: Cables & Lines, Microphone Cables, Hybrid Cables, Control Lines, Video Cables, Fine Wire Ropes, Solar Cables, Carbide Tools, Pressing Tools
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide

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Conductix-Wampfler, fully owned by Delachaux Group, is the world leader in the design and manufacture of efficient energy and data transmission systems...

Products: Cables & Lines, Spring Cable Reels, Control Lines, Hose Reels, Monorail Conveyors, Security systems, Assembly Systems, Cable chains
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