High performance ceramics

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Products and Services in the Area of High performance ceramics (16)

Ceramdis GmbH

Thanks to our detailed product and material knowledge we have developed ideal solutions for a wide variety of applications as to wear, chemical resistance, weight reduction, stiffness, electrical insu...

Döbeln Elektrowärme GmbH

Micanite heaters are surface heating elements. Their advantage lies in the even energy distribution over any round or square surfaces. In order to extend the application spectrum, the heating elements...

MicroCeram GmbH

Modern shaping technology, CNC controlled machining and laser machining for the manufacturing of components made out of Ceramic high-performance materials such as Aluminium oxide, Zirconium oxid, Sili...

Manufacturers, Distributors and Service Providers in the Area of High performance ceramics (16)

Manufacturing and refining of advanced ceramics and graphite as well as their assembly with other materials. CERAMDIS sees your benefit in terms of ceramic application and put it in practice in an optimal manner. We are your competent supplier for...
As a service provider for electric heat generation, we are a recognised and reliable partner for your technical applications. Our product-responsible engineers will offer you comprehensive advice with creative and solution-oriented ideas. Our internal tool engineering department enables us to...
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