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We have more than 25 years in the component distribution. Our services cover the full spectrum of the procurement, distribution, inventory management and logistics to...
A Group Company of TDK-EPC Corporation. EPCOS AG, a Group Company of TDK-EPC Corporation, is a leading manufacturer of electronic components, modules and systems. With...
SMP Sintermetalle Prometheus GmbH & Co KG develops and manufactures inductive components and magnetically soft materials, cores and mouldings. Based in Graben-Neudorf near Karlsruhe, Germany,...
SRT Resistor Technology GmbH is one of the few remaining resistor manufacturers in Germany with successful competition against the huge companies from Far East and...

The professionals for inductors

Bürkle + Schöck stands for professional and future-oriented electrotechnical solutions.
Rely on 85 years of Bürkle +...

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