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Alfa Aesar, now part of Thermo Fisher Scientific is a leading manufacturer and supplier of chemicals, metals, and life science products for research and development.


As a global leader in the chemicals industry, Celanese makes products essential to everyday living. Our products, found in consumer and industrial applications, are manufactured...
OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH, a specialist in lubricants operating worldwide for 40 years, produces and sells about 150 high-performance products for reducing friction, wear and corrosion....
Being an innovativ producer of high performance lubricants, setral Chemie GmbH supports our customers to gain effectiv profit by using high quality solutions. ECCO, the...
Atlantic Chemicals Trading was founded in 1985. Since then it has grown from strength to strength. ACT is one of the major distributors of ingredients...
Auer-Remy GmbH was founded in 1950 as a sales company for speciality chemicals by the companies Degussa AG, Th. Goldschmidt AG and Remy & Co....
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