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Manufacturer   Italy   Worldwide
Products: Urethral Catheters, Lactate Analyzers, Urine Bags, Alcohol Testers, Otoscopes, Equipment Trolleys, Drug tests, Dental Tweezers, Dental Forceps
Manufacturer   Czech Republic   Worldwide
Products: Dental Supplies, Silver Wires, Semi-Finished Precious Metal, Gold Chains, Silver nitrate (7761-88-8), Jewelry chains, Jewellery, Precious Metals
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Founded in 1953 the family business egger Otoplastik + Labortechnik GmbH stands for the production of high-quality otoplastics (earmolds for hearing systems) and for the...
Products: Impression Materials, Impression Syringes, Hearing Aid Cleaning Agents, Hearing Aid Cleaners, Hearing aid accessories, Otoplastics
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Precious metal has always been one of the core competences of Heimerle + Meule. Founded as a classical gold and silver refinery in 1845 in...
Products: Silver Wires, Surface engineering, Platinum Tubes, Gold Tubes, Semi-Finished Precious Metal, Investment Castings, Gold Rods, Silver Sheets
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
For thirty five years we have been manufacturing protective systems for the world’s machinery building sectors. Our first products were bellows and coil springs that...
Products: Security Windows, Guideway wipers, Apron Covers, Roll-Up Covers, Bellows, Clamping Devices, LED Downlights, Task Lights, Spiral Springs
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
imes-icore GmbH acts as hundred percent subsidiary company of the internationally transacting isel - group. Before approximately 30 years founded as "isert - electronics" and...
Products: Gantry Milling Machines, Vertical Milling Machines, Dental Furnaces, Automation Solutions, CNC Machining Centers, CAD-CAM Software
Manufacturer   Austria   Worldwide
Products: Dental Milling Machines, Dental Cutters, Dental Materials, Dental Equipment
Manufacturer   Austria   Europe
Since 1862 the privately owned Ögussa (Austrian Gold and Silver Separating Plant) has faced the challenges of the market, and today with 130 employees and...
Products: Silver Wires, Brazing Alloys, Gold Tubes, Semi-Finished Precious Metal, Welding Wires, Precious Metals, Electroplating Services, Laboratory Crucibles
Manufacturer   United States   Worldwide
Products: Dental Supplies, Dental Probes, Dental Gypsums, Dental Composites, Dental Cements, Dental Abrasives, Dental Adhesives, Dental Drills, Dental Implants
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Products: Medical Probes, Proctoscopes, Tuning forks, Needle holders, Bone Files, Rib Shears, Surgical instruments, Sterilization Containers