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Distributor   Germany   Worldwide
The leading distributor for high voltage components and systems on the European market. Furthermore we set a high value to establish a close, solution oriented...
Products: Low Voltage Connectors, DC-DC Power Supplies, Surge Arresters, Direct Current Power Supplies, AC-DC Power Supplies, High Voltage Rectifiers
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
A Group Company of TDK-EPC Corporation. EPCOS AG, a Group Company of TDK-EPC Corporation, is a leading manufacturer of electronic components, modules and systems. With...
Products: Fuse Holders, Passive components, Power Factor Controllers, Current Sensors, Temperature Probes, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
We have more than 25 years in the component distribution. Our services cover the full spectrum of the procurement, distribution, inventory management and logistics to...
Products: Passive components, SMD Inductors, Piezoelectric Ceramics, Inductors, Chip Inductors, Electronic Components, Resonators, MOSFETs
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide Africa Europe
Since 1977, we have delivered optimised solutions to meet the mostvaried component cooling needs. What you can expect from Alutronic:
  • A wide range of...
Products: Strut Channel Fittings, Mica Washers, Mounting Clips, Aluminum Machining, Heat Sinks, Silicone Mouldings, Lamella Heat Sinks
Manufacturer   Switzerland   Africa Europe
Maxwell is a global leader in the development and manufacture of innovative, cost-effective energy storage and power delivery solutions. Our ultracapacitor products provide safe and...
Products: Low Voltage Capacitors, AC Capacitors, Memory cards, Motor Starters, High Voltage Power Capacitors, Capacitors, Ripple Capacitors, Ultracapacitors
Manufacturer   Germany   Europe
Products: Power Supplies, Power Inverters, Static power converters, Acceleration Sensors, Isolation Transformers, Load Resistors, EMI Filters, Motor Controllers
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Topfit at the Centre of Science and Research
EMC test laboratory, development, production and direct shipment from Campus Adlershof.
Know-how cannot be replaced by...
Products: DC Filters, Electromagnetic Compatibility Testers, Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing Services, EMC Chokes, EMC Filters, Sinus Filters
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide

Whereever positions and angles need measuring with the utmost precision, sensors from Novotechnik are the first-choise solution. the expertise in measuring technology that we have...

Products: Length Gauges, Displacement Transducers, Non-Contact Rotary Sensors, Resistance Elements, Transmitters, Potentiometers, Rotary Sensors
Manufacturer   Japan   Worldwide
Products: Integrated Circuits, UV Meters, X-Ray Cameras, X-Ray Detectors, Industrial Cameras, Infrared Detectors, UV Cameras, Oscilloscopes, Deuterium Lamps
Manufacturer   Austria   Worldwide
We are 50 years old but still very young at heart and haven’t lost our youthful curiosity. Over the years we’ve gained a lot of...
Products: Pump Controls, Time switches, Emergency Light Tester, Monitoring Relays, Coupling Relays, Load Monitors, Timer Modules, Electronic Motor Brakes
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