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36 Implants & Protheses

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Manufacturer   Germany   Europe
Humantech Germany, with headquarters in Stuttgart/Steinenbronn, is leading the way in the manufacture of vertebrae and dental implants. The development, testing and manufacture of all...
Products: Spinal column stabilisations, Surgical Fixtures, Titanium Implants, Bone replacement materials, Spinal Implants, Dental Implants, Bone Screws
Manufacturer   United Kingdom   Worldwide
Products: Implants & Protheses, Bone Saws, Bandage clips, Suture Clips, Surgical instruments, Shoulder Prostheses, Medical Equipment, Laparoscopes
Manufacturer   Brasil   Worldwide
Products: Implants & Protheses, Surgical instruments, Spinal Implants, Endoprostheses, Surgical Implants
Manufacturer   France   Worldwide
Products: Implants & Protheses, Medical Supplies, Titanium Screws, Die Forgings, Marine Equipment, Titanium Implants, Eye Bolts, Carabiner Hooks, Shackles
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Products: Implants & Protheses, Support bandages, Orthopaedic Footwear, Hip orthosis, Sport bandages, Bandages, Insoles, Knee orthosis, Foot orthosis
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide

Technical Ceramics Manufacturer

BCE, founded in 1986, has extensive experience in the field of engineering ceramics. This enables us to assist our customers in developing t...

Products: Ceramic wear parts, Ceramic flanges, Calibration bodys, Ceramic gears, Ceramic Bushings, Zirconium Oxide Ceramics, Piezoelectric Ceramics
Manufacturer   Spain   Worldwide
Products: Bandage clips, Dressing cloths, Surgical instruments, Stents, Wound plaster, Heart catheter, Wound drainage, Surgical Implants
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
The MicroCeram GmbH is active in the area of the low pressure injection moulding (hot pouring) of ceramic high speed materials. MicroCeram GmbH was formed...
Products: Zirconium Oxide Ceramics, Ceramic implants, High performance ceramics, Precision Ceramics, Special Ceramics, High Temperature Ceramics
Manufacturer   China   Worldwide
Products: Surgical instruments, Surgical Fixtures, Titanium Implants, Knee prosthesis, Spinal Implants, Bone Nails, Bone Screws, Bone Plates, Infusion Sets
Manufacturer   United States   Worldwide
Products: Implants & Protheses, Face implants, Fat suction equipment, Silicone implants, Breast implants, Compression Stockings, Testicular Implants