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Manufacturer   Germany   Africa Europe
Products: Measuring Tools, Dial Indicators, Roundness Gauges, Length Gauges, Measuring Tables, Precision Squares, Profile Projectors, Depth Gauges
Manufacturer   Germany   Asia North America South America Europe
Precision mechanics and electronics – this combination lays the foundation for the success of the precision mechanics factory that was founded in 1878 by Friedrich...
Products: Measuring Tools, Dial Indicators, Roundness Gauges, Length Gauges, Measuring Tables, Precision Squares, Spline Gauges, Precision Measuring Tools
Manufacturer   Japan   Worldwide
Products: Measuring Tools, Dial Indicators, Roundness Gauges, Measurement machines, Measuring Tables, Precision Squares, Dial Test Indicators
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Products: Force Sensors, Rotary Sensors, Torque Sensors, Measuring Software, Torque Testers, Analog Sensors
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
As a leading manufacturer of high-quality drive and brake components as well as hydraulic components, KTR supplies mechanical couplings, clamping sets, torque limiters, measuring systems,...
Products: Pin & Bush Couplings, Disc Couplings, Magnetic Couplings, Collet Nuts, Jaw Couplings, Safety clutches, Flexible Couplings, Elastomer Couplings
Manufacturer   United States   Worldwide
Products: Torque Sensors, Torque Transducers
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide

Every success begins with an idea. That's why norelem is there to support you with an unrivalled selection of standard parts and components so that...

Products: Dial Indicators, Quick Release Pins, Roundness Gauges, Self Aligning Pads, Ball & Spring Plungers, Toothed Pulleys, Measuring Tables
Manufacturer   Germany   Europe
Products: Measuring Tools, Machinist Hammers, Caulking Guns, Painters' Tools, Flooring Tools, Utility Knives, Doctor blades, Drywall Tools
Manufacturer   Austria   Europe
What do you think of when you hear the name Stubai?
Perhaps wonderful mountain ranges, untouched hills, roaring glaciers and pure nature come to...
Products: Wood Chisels, Tree Felling Wedges, Machinist Hammers, Butcher Knives, Chefs Knives, Carpenter Pencils, Hand Chisels, Screwdrivers, Cable Knives
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Products: Precision Squares, Utility Knives, Hand floats, Tiling Tools, Joint Trowels, Wall Paper Scissor, Carpet Scissors, Finishing Trowel, Filling Knives
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