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Manufacturer   Germany   Africa Europe
Raceplast is a forward-looking company. Our clients receive individual counseling on a high technical standard and customized solution for all industries.
As specialists in...
Products: Plastic parts, Spacers, Technical Plastic Parts, Plastics Milling Services, PTFE Rods, Plastic Turned Parts, Cutting boards, Fixed Castors
Manufacturer   Germany   Africa Europe
We are a partner with an in depth knowledge of...
Products: Plastic parts, Blown Plastic Parts, Technical Plastic Parts, Prototypes, Injection Molded Plastics, Semi-Finished Plastics, Plastic Bonded To Metal
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Our company is operating worldwide, manufacturing and shipping products for the automotive, telecommunication and electronic sectors of the industry. Technically sophisticated plastic parts, plastic-m...
Products: Plastic parts, Sensor Housings, Technical Plastic Parts, Injection Molded Plastics, Plastic Bonded To Metal, Precision Plastic Parts
Manufacturer   Germany   Africa Europe
This medium-sized company is one of the leading experts on decentralized water management in Europe. The sensible use of natural resources is a top priority...
Products: Grass Pavers, Rainwater utilization plants, Rain Water Tanks, Plastic Barrels, Plastic Boxes, Grit containers, Plastic Jerry Cans
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
SPÄH Group - an innovative network of affiliated companies with four sites in Germany for seals, stamped parts, insulation parts and all kinds of supplier...
Products: Plastic parts, Rubber Sheets, Plastics Milling Services, PTFE Gaskets, Gasket Sheets, Plastic Turned Parts, Semi-Finished Plastics, Turning Services
Manufacturer   Czech Republic   Worldwide
Products: Plastic Profiles, Plastic Pressings, Garden Hoses, Technical Plastic Parts, Cable Protection Tubes, Injection Molded Plastics, Water Hoses
Manufacturer   Czech Republic  
Products: Technical Plastic Parts, Injection Molded Plastics, Marker Posts
Manufacturer   Germany   Europe
Products: Plastic parts, Turning Knobs, Lock Washers, Spacers, Aluminum Turned Parts, Vibration Dampers, Adjustable Handles, Bolts, Plastic Turned Parts
Distributor   Germany   Europe

The BEA Group was founded in 1960 and is still family-owned today. Through constant and consistent upward development, the BEA Group is today one of...

Products: Toothed Pulleys, V-Belt Pulleys, Flexible Couplings, Spline Shafts, Ball Bearings, Shafts, Timing Belts, Bevel Gears, Timing Belt Pulleys
Manufacturer   Finland   Europe
Products: Door Mats, Workplace Mats, Technical Plastic Parts, Injection Molded Plastics, Entrance Mats, Plastic Mouldings
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