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Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide

YXLON International designs and produces radioscopic and CT inspection systems for a broad variety of industrial applications and fields. Whether in the aviation and aerospace,...

Products: X-Ray Detectors, Robotic Systems, CT Scanners, Industrial CT Scanners, X-Ray Inspection Systems, X-Ray Testers, X-Ray Equipment
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Products: Medical Equipment, Medical Measuring Equipment, Color Dopplers, Patient supervision systems, X-Ray Cameras, Disposable Medical Products
Manufacturer   Japan   Worldwide
Products: Medical Equipment, Atomic Absorption Spectrometers, Spectrophotometers, Chromatography Equipment, Precision Scales, Moisture analysers
Manufacturer   Turkey   Worldwide
Products: Medical Equipment, Urine Bags, Transport stretchers, Blood Filters, Disposable Medical Products, Blood Bags, Operating Tables, Examination lamps
Distributor   Germany   Worldwide
We have a reliable partnership with our customers for 13 years. Our company is based in Landsberg am Lech, Germany. By way of long established...
Products: Medical Equipment, Color Dopplers, Sonography Equipment, Ultrasound probes, Vascular Dopplers, Used Ultrasonic Equipment, Ultrasonic Supplies
Manufacturer   United States   Worldwide
Products: Resuscitation Masks, Backboard Stretchers, Medical Vacuum Systems, Portable Suction Systems, Resuscitation Bags, Medical Ventilators
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide

For more than 90 years the Glaswarenfabrik Karl Hecht produces high-precision devices and glass instruments for physician and laboratory of high quality.

We supply...

Products: Laboratory Mixers, Cover Glasses, Magnetic Stirrers, Volumetric Pipettes, Blood Counting Chambers, Bottletop Dispensers, Stopwatches
Manufacturer   Spain   Worldwide
Products: Video Endoscopes, Colposcopes, Laparoscopes, Endoscopes, Arthroscopic Instruments, Surgical Microscopes, Arthroscopes, Bronchoscopes, Hysteroscopes
Manufacturer   Italy   Worldwide
Products: Ultra Low Temperature Freezers, Operating Room Equipment, Pathology equipment, Dissecting Tables, Incubators, Mortuary Refrigerators
Manufacturer   France   Worldwide
Products: Triethyl borate, Gas mixtures, Acetylene, Krypton, Phosphine, Nitrogen Trifluoride (7783-54-2), Neon, Trifluoromethane, Pentane (109-66-0), Argon
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