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Products and Services in the Area of Paints & Lacquers (230)

Axalta Coating Systems Germany GmbH

With Voltatex® Core Sheet Varnishes, Axalta offers a complete range of high performance varnishes which meet the C3, C5 and C6 insulation classes according to the AISI-ASTM A 976-9 standards. These so...

Axalta Coating Systems Germany GmbH

C-3 / EC-3 (unpigmented varnish)
This varnish is predominantly applied on electrical steel used in standard motors and transformers. Special resins assure excellent punchability. With coa...

Axalta Coating Systems Germany GmbH

C-5 / EC-5 (high temperature resistant varnish)
This varnish is mainly used on electrical steel intended for small and medium size motors. The unique organic / inorganic hybrid system prov...

Axalta Coating Systems Germany GmbH

C-6 Formaldehyde Free (pigmented varnishes)

The main application of these varnishes is steel sheets for the Voltatex® 1261 magnetic core of large rotating machines like gen...

Manufacturers, Distributors and Service Providers in the Area of Paints & Lacquers (105)

OKS Spezialschmierstoffe GmbH, a specialist in lubricants operating worldwide for 40 years, produces and sells about 150 high-performance products for reducing friction, wear and corrosion. The main field of use of the OKS speciality lubricants and chemotechnical products is industrial...
Axalta is a leading global company focused solely on coatings and providing customers with innovative, colorful , beautiful and sustainable solutions. From light OEM vehicles, automotive refinish and commercial vehicles to electric motors, buildings and pipelines, our coatings are designed...
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