Punching Tools

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Products and Services in the Area of Punching Tools (46)

Manufacturers, Distributors and Service Providers in the Area of Punching Tools (44)

The foundations for ALTENA & NEUKIRCHEN's success were laid in the century before last. On 01.10.1899, the firm's founders, Robert Altena and Walter Neukirchen registered a business for the manufacture of metal products. The first letters of their first names...
Founded in 1966, BAUDAT GmbH & Co. KG has stood for the production of sophisticated tools for more than 44 years. According to our company motto “Quality in your hand!” our 65 employees produce high quality tools at our long-...
Over 50 years of experience, ongoing further development and the constant adjustment of our company's infrastructure have helped us to grow into a dynamic company in the packaging industry. Our high-performance die-cutting machines present the most cost-effective solution for efficiency...
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