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Products and Services in the Area of Hand Tools (754)


HSS hand reamers:
For ferrous and non-ferrous metals, synthetic materials soft and hard. Slow helix type suitable for interrupted borings, slots, cross-borings etc.


HSS machine reamers:
  • Straight fluted (for blind holes): for tolerance H7. Nominal shank diameter h6
  • Left hand spiral (for through holes) for tolerance H7. Nominal shank...


For all metric threads. Precise and durable.


HSS dies:
  • various cutting materials: HSS and HSS cobalt
  • wide range for the following threads: M, MF, G, BSW, UNC, UNF

ARNO-Werkzeuge Karl-Heinz Arnold GmbH

Highest quaility and reliability

Holders and inserts for thread turning complete the ARNO® turning offering. Turning of all common threads and sizes are available in our standard...

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