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KÄMPFER WÜRZ is a world wide operating medium-sized manufacturer of tools for the chipless forming technology, as well as for high precision parts and components...
Quality, reliability and short lead times – this is what we demand of ourselves and our products every day. Today, we manufacture precision parts made...
Our aim is to be a reliable partner to the industry wherever linking elements and joint combinations of any type are needed. We manufacture exclusively...
Raceplast is a forward-looking company. Our clients receive individual counseling on a high technical standard and customized solution for all industries.
As specialists in...
We have been one of the leading contacts for complex precision parts, hydraulic valves and sophisticated mechanical assemblies for more than 70 years.


ACO Eurobar – Continuous casting specialist

ACO Guss – a producing parent company employing advanced foundry technology at the heart of Europe. ACO Guss...

For over 50 years we produce according to the specific requirements of our international customers from different industries. Special emphasis of our production forms mass...
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