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Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Manufacturer of random tower packing and structured tower packing made of plastics, metals and ceramics, column internals and mass transfer trays made of metals and...
Products: Structured Packings, Mass Transfer Trays, Plant Carriers, Liquid Distributors, Support Grids, Industrial exhaust systems, Liquid Waste Incinerators
Distributor   Germany   Europe
Products: Zirconium Mesh, Niobium Sheets, Molybdenum Tubes, Niobium Tubes, Nickel Wires, Titan fittings, Tantalum Fittings, Titanium Screws, Zirconium Strips
Manufacturer   Germany   Asia Europe
Products: Plastic parts, Mould engineering, Tooling, Technical Plastic Parts, Injection Molded Plastics, Precision Plastic Parts, Injection Molding Tools
Manufacturer   United States   Worldwide
Products: Spacers, Plastic Plugs, Washers, Cable Ties, Standoffs, Plastic Caps, Cover caps
Manufacturer   Germany   Europe
We are your specialist for the manufacture of high-quality injection-molded parts of an exacting nature from heavy-duty plastics, industrial thermoplastics and bulk plastics. With our...
Products: T-Handles, Star Grip Screws, Star Grip Nuts, Locking Handles, Clamp Grips, Cross head nuts, Star handle screws, Adjustable Handles, Cross knobs
Manufacturer   Germany   Asia Africa Europe
Products: Shrink Films, Plastic Shopping Bags, Bin Bags, Cling Films, Polyethylene Films, Shrink covers, Polyethylene Bags, Automatic Packaging Films
Manufacturer   Germany   Europe
Gerhard Haas founded the brush factory Gerhard Haas KG in 1952. Since then the company has continually developed to its present size and sells its...
Products: Plastic parts, Toothbrushes, Hand Brooms, Hall brooms, Plastic Shelving, Shoe Racks, Washing brushes, Cake Plates, Shoe Cleaning Sets, Rubber Brooms
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
We have been creating the best possible solutions for our clients in manufacturing and construction ith nearly 40 years now, and we know what counts...
Products: Slotted Angles, Silicone Mouldings, Silicon Sponge Profiles, Round cords, Rubber Mouldings, Edge Protectors, Rubber Profiles, Silicone Profiles
Distributor   Austria   Worldwide
As wholesaler, certified according to ISO 9001: 2008 KUGEL POMPEL is known as the specialist for balls made out of all materials for over 50...
Products: Hollow Plastic Balls, Cylindrical Rollers, Precision Glass Balls, Steel Balls, Carbide Balls, Plastic Balls, Operating elements, Blast Cleaning Media
Manufacturer   Germany   Europe
Products: Sports Nets, Belt Webbings, Tennis Nets, Jump Ropes, Playground Swings, Dome Lights, Temporary Fences, Covering Sheets, Container nets
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