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Open Conductor Systems
Wherever there are particularly harsh environmental influences, such as in coking plants and steel mills, we offer a safe and powerful power supply with ou...

The VAHLE insulated conductor systems have been a proven and reliable means for the energy transmission of production lines in the automotive industry for decades. Individual compact hangers as wel...

Mobile applications, be it gantry cranes, loading bridges, elevators or roller shutters, need energy. VAHLE's unipole-insulated conductor systems are available in a wide variety of designs that are...

Skid systems are the preferred conveyor for assembly tasks.

Our VKS is a compact conductor system, which ensures safe and problem-free power supply even in unfavorable conditions. Safety...

In high-bay warehouses the place in the lanes is usually very narrow. Goods are stored or removed from the shelves in a very short time by means of shelf operating devices. The VAHLE compact conduc...

The VAHLE Multi Support Profile is tailored to the most varied requirements of bottom-guided storage and conveyor systems, such as stacker cranes and moving units. The VAHLE Multi Support Profile c...

Enclosed Conductor System KBH
As a crane manufacturer or crane operator, you need a robust and inexpensive power supply, which is also easy to install. The VAHLE conductor system...

Wherever, besides the pure energy transmission, you need additional poles for the transmission of e.g. control signals - VAHLE conductor system MKH is the right choice. The MKH is a contact-protect...

Extreme heat and adverse environmental influences are not a problem for VAHLE's enclosed conductor systems LSV and LSVG. Thanks to the aluminium housing you can use this conductor system at temperatur...

There is hardly a market that does not talk about the use of automated guided vehicle systems (AGVs). In addition, the use of new fast-charging storage media is increasing enormously.


In material handling applications, as is the case in e.g. automobile production, new assembly lines require gapless and exact positioning of the conveyor technology throughout the entire processing...

VAHLE APOS positioning systems with VAHLE conductor installations have been developed for automated conveying systems to facilitate material flow. VAHLE APOS consists of a code tape with magnetized le...


Inductive power supply for moving parts of machines Large amount of energy with small size No wear during energy transmission
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About Paul Vahle GmbH & Co. KG

VAHLE is since 1912 a specialist for mobile power and data transmission with headquarters in Kamen, Germany. VAHLE has 550 employees in Germany and 12 subsidiaries worldwide. Including representatives Vahle is acitve in 52 countries around the world. The Vahle-Group has sales of more than 90 Mio. euros. VAHLE develops, manufactures and installs customized power and data transmission systems for various material handling applications. Preferred applications are crane technology (general), storage and sorting technology, manufacturing automation, and port technology. The array of products stretches from copper-head conductor systems, insulated conductor systems, enclosed Powerail conductor systems, PVC-enclosed Powerail conductor systems, trench conductor systems, cable festoon systems, spring-operated and motorized cable reels, battery-charging contacts, to digital data transmission, as well as the technological breakthrough of a contactless power transmission system (CPS®).