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  • ISO 9001:2015
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15.09.2023 10:09

KIPP expands portfolio of pneumatic zero point clamping technology

Three new clamping modules in the KIPP UNILOCK range

HEINRICH KIPP WERK is further expanding its KIPP UNILOCK range in the field of pneumatic zero-point clamping technology. With three new clamping modules, KIPP now offers users even more options for fast and precise clamping and referencing of fixtures and workpieces on metal-cutting machining centers. The new clamping elements are suitable, among other things, for clamping situations with narrow stitch dimensions, for automated clamping devices and for applications in the field of robotics.

Whether pallets, vises, fixtures or workpieces - the pneumatic zero-point clamping technology from the KIPP UNILOCK range enables the user to change in seconds with a defined zero point and a repeat accuracy of less than 0.005 mm. KIPP has recently added three more clamping modules to its extensive KIPP UNILOCK portfolio. This gives the customer the opportunity to adapt his clamping technology even better and more flexibly to the respective clamping situation and to improve his productivity accordingly.

KIPP UNILOCK ASM 99 clamping module for narrow stitch dimensions
The ASM 99 clamping module is a surface-mounted clamping module and is ideally suited for narrow stitch dimensions. The mounting height is 56 mm, alternatively it is possible to recess the clamping module completely into a fixture plate or into the machine table. the "open" slide position can be queried via an integrated query. This increases work safety by ensuring that workpieces or fixtures are firmly clamped before the machining process begins.

KIPPUNILOCK Automation clamping module ESA 138
The ESA 138 automation clamping module was specially developed for automated clamping fixtures. Used there, it meets all requirements with regard to process reliability thanks to integrated query functions for the clamping slide position "open" or "closed" of the clamping module as well as through four offset support surfaces with air system control. The support control can be used to check the position of the clamping pallet and ensure that the fixture is correctly positioned before the production process begins. A useful feature is the dirt scraper integrated in the clamping module, which prevents dirt from being deposited on the surface of the module.

KIPPUNILOCK EGM 110-75 clamping module with pallet coupling:
The EGM 110-75 clamping module with pallet coupling is available especially for robotic automation and can be used to exchange clamping pallets automatically. The pallet coupling serves as the interface between the clamping pallet and the clamping module. the integrated query function can be used to check the clamping slide position "open" or "closed" and ensure that the clamping module and the pallet coupling are in the correct position. The clamping module is also suitable for installation with tight stitch dimensions directly on the machine table or in fixtures. In addition, the compact design of the pallet coupling in combination with the EGM 110-75 clamping module makes it possible to load pallets extremely close to the machine table.

Also new in the KIPP UNILOCK portfolio are compensation and dovetail clamping bolts. Both are suitable for clamping and positioning workpieces and fixtures. The compensating clamping bolts allow a gauge compensation of ± 1mm in one or all directions. The dovetail clamping bolt is fastened without a thread with the dovetail in a short clamping edge of the workpiece.

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