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The most devoted fan - GEDA Dechentreiter GmbH & Co. KG

At 82 years of age Gyula Varga still works as a roofer and he will never, ever give up his GEDA LIFT.

Use it or lose it. This is the lifetime motto of 82-year old roofer Gyula Varga from Hungary. Mr. Varga is presumed to be the oldest GEDA LIFT user at the same time as being the biggest fan of GEDA’s best-selling product. In 2014 the roofer contacted the Hungarian company Con Fuoco to order a GEDA LIFT 250 Comfort. And ever since Mr. Vargas cannot imagine carrying out his daily work without “His LIFT”.

Reason enough for Con Fuoco – for many years a GEDA partner in Hungary – to pay a visit to the enthusiastic fan and ask him a few questions. On the construction site of course.

  • Con Fuoco:
    Dear Mr. Varga, may I ask you how old are you?
  • Mr. Varga:
    I am 82.
  • Con Fuoco:
    For how long have you been working as a roofer?
  • Mr. Varga:
    I started to work as a roofer 65 years ago, in 1951, and since than I have been working continuously.
  • Con Fuoco:
    You look to be in a perfect health. How long do you plan to work?
  • Mr. Varga:
    Thank you. According to my plans I will continue to work for a few more years.
  • Con Fuoco:
    Why did you decide to buy a Geda Lift?
  • Mr. Varga:
    I wanted to have my own Geda Lift because I always had to borrow it from my son-in-law. But now I got my own hoist and I can use it whenever I want.
  • Con Fuoco:
    Are you satisfied with your Lift?
  • Mr. Varga:
    It works perfectly, I have never had any problem with it. Work is so much easier and faster with this hoist, I just have to push the buttons. So it was worth to buy
  • it. Of course I take care of my Lift and do not let anyone else to use it.
  • Con Fuoco:
    Would you recommend the Geda Lifts to other roofers?
  • Mr. Varga:
    I would definitely recommend it to roofers and for any construction work,because these Lifts are very useful and multipurpose equipments. I am just a little afraid that someone would steel my hoist.

GEDA LIFT – the compact transport professional
The GEDA LIFT has been a well-established name in the building trade for decades – the over 70,000 devices sold speak for themselves. The success story started back in 1975 when the first GEDA LIFT went into service. It quickly became clear that the compact transport professional would become a firm fixture on construction sites across the world. Its fast and easy installation without any tools being required, together with the progressively adjustable angle track section and minimal space requirement make the GEDA LIFT the ideal lift for use on a construction site.
Special accessories enable virtually all types of materials to be transported upwards to the roof and into the building. Whether for bricklayers, interior fitters, roofers, tilers or floor installers, the GEDA LIFT has the right load carrying devices for every construction material and every usage.

Specifically for use in the roofing trade, the tile holder was designed with an upwards opening lattice. Safely stored, the tiles move quickly and safely to their destination and once on the roof, the practical roof tile trolley is hooked to the roof and can easily be pushed with the materials to make the work at dizzy heights easier.

The customer can select from three different LIFT options with hoisting speeds up to 38 m/min depending on building site conditions and the intended usage required. An alternating current connection is sufficient to transport materials up to 250 kg. The load capacity is aligned according to the design of the aluminium ladder sections, the inclination and the rail length. Two ladder section variants are available – ladder sections with a load capacity of 150/200 kg and reinforced ladder sections which enable loads of 200/250 kg to be transported.

The interview was conducted by Mr. Tibor Laszlo, Con Fuoco Hungary.
GEDA and Con Fuoco are of course delighted about the satisfied customer and wish Mr. Varga all the best for the future and continued pleasure in his use of the GEDA LIFT.