• DIN EN ISO 45001:2018
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 9001:2015


  • DIN EN ISO 45001:2018
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 9001:2015

About GEDA GmbH

In the construction machinery industry the name GEDA represents competence and unique quality made in Germany and this for more than 85 years now. Our machines are able to transport loads from 60 kg to 3.2 t. People and materials can be lifted up to a height of 400 m. With all this, GEDA offers you by far the widest product range of all building hoist constructors worldwide. Moreover, we have a special department for building maintenance units and have been in the industrial elevator business for years. A comprehensive dealer network provides optimal support for customers in over 80 countries around the world.
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Ladder Lifts

At the push of a button, all materials can be conveniently transported along the façade, without any annoying cable tangle, and in addition it is quick and easy to set up - the GEDA Battery...

Facade elevators

Cleaning and window replacement made easy

If a driveway system is required primarily for cleaning or, from time to time, for replacing façade or window elements, a façade l...

Passenger Elevators


The GEDA transport platforms are equipped with two separate controls and can be used both as a pure construction lift for the transport of materials and as a transport platform for p...

Construction Site Elevators (GEDA 300 Z)

Whether scaffolding elements, tools or other building materials: the GEDA 300 Z is the compact and robust partner for efficient material transport on the construction site. The lightweight 2-m alum...

Scaffolding Lifts

The basic unit consists of a landing gear, spring cable drum and trailing cable.

Freight Elevators

The large loading volume of the GEDA 1200 Z/ZP transport platform enables even bulky and heavy building materials to be transported to their place of use - quickly and safely.


Work Platforms

The GEDA 1500 ZP P is the powerhouse among the permanently installable transport platforms and transports up to 2,000 kg or seven people up to a height of 100 m.

Guided by two mas...

Material Handling Elevators

The practical loading and unloading ramp provides convenient access to the load platform, which is approved for transporting 500 kg. Once on the floor, the GEDA 500 Z DUO's 90 degree pivoting...

Lifting Winches

Construction tradesmen from all sectors have appreciated the advantages of GEDA Star lifts for decades.

Regardless of whether it is a new construction project or renovation work: The ver...

Safety Equipment

In the shortest possible time - and above all safely - the GEDA 2 PK transports the crane operator to his workplace at dizzy heights. Risky, strenuous climbing actions in often bad weather conditio...


Nowadays, building facades are generally high-quality building elements that need to be professionally maintained and cared for. This includes the following maintenance measures:

- clean...

Inclined hoists

The use of inclined lifts is convincing due to simple installation, low time expenditure and a power-saving mode of operation. With a reinforced ladder profile, GEDA inclined lifts can transp...

03.10.2021 02:10

A goodbye for Willoughby
For more than 60 years, the “Eiffel tower” has been a landmark of Willoughby City in the north of the Australian metropolis Sydney. The tower made history as one of the first transmission towers of the country.

04.08.2021 02:08

A new skyline for Hungary
Advanced technologies for a legendary construction site. GEDA, a Bavarian manufacturer of industrial and construction hoists, supports a new high-tech building with its equipment.
Hoist solutions from the Bavarian manufacturer are supporting the construction of Russia's biggest natural gas processing plant
Two transport platforms from the manufacturer GEDA support the refurbishment work on the New Cathedral in Linz – a challenge at dizzying heights

19.11.2020 01:11

Premiere in Finland
A GEDA Multilift P18 of the new generation is used at a construction site in Helsinki for the first time
Two GEDA Personnel and Material Hoists stand at the core of an exclusive housing project in Birmingham’s city centre