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The CASM series is notable for:

  • Twist protected thrust rod
  • In-Line and parallel motor version
  • Compact design
  • Maintenance free
  • Lead and ba...

The LSM/LSG/LPA series is notable for:

  • Lead screws combined with brushless/ brushed motors
  • Brushless DC motors combined with worm gearbox or planetary gearbox
ServoTube linear motor components are designed to integrate into OEM machinery and require an external bearing. Loads can be mounted directly to the rugged forcer. Built-in position feedback with up t...
AC motors from Dunker motors are characterized by robust construction and are maintenance free over its lifetime.

Single-phase capacitor motors Series KD & three-phase motors Series DR:
DC Drives for interior blinds:
The Venetian Blind Drives series DCD22 - based on direct-current technology - are particularly designed for the use in interior blind applications.

Dunkermotoren's venetian blind drives are notable for rugged design and are maintenance free during lifetime. Versions of venetian blind drives are equipped with SMI-Technology.
Since decades elect...
ServoTube linear actuators incorporate a long-life lubrication-free bearing. Built-in position feedback delivers up to 12 micron repeatability. Indusry standard mounting simplifies installation. Actua...
Positioning drives are motor-gearbox combinations optimised for repeated, short, powerful movements, which are used in lifting tables, solaria, smoke-control shutters, venetian blinds.

  • ...
Dunkermotoren develops and produces transmissions that are characterized by their smoothness, compact design and excellent efficiency.

Planetary gearboxes (PLG) have the highest continuous torq...
Brushed DC motors from Dunkermotoren display low cogging torque, robust construction and low moments of inertia. Brushed DC motors can be combined with planetary gearboxes, worm gearboxes, brakes and...
The DC tachogenerators TG11 and TG 52 can be used as actual value generators for speed control of D.C. motors; in doing so the tacho-systems are suitable for large control ranges and very low control...
Dunkermotoren develops and manufactures gearboxes, which are notable for very compact design, low weight and excellent efficiency.

Spiro Tec Gearboxes (STG) are gearboxes with right-angled outp...


For the first time, Dunkermotoren is hosting the symposium for technology strategists - "Future now! Smart, networked and efficient".
The digitalization of factories and plants as well as the Internet of Things promise ever new possibilities for the automation industry. In this development, a wide variety of technologies from the field level to the cloud and also across different stages of the value chain must be combined across manufacturers to create tangible added value for our customers. The supreme discipline here is that within such an ecosystem, all participants speak the same language and no time-consuming integration is required.
Dunkermotoren will again be represented at the LogiMAT in Stuttgart in 2020. The motor manufacturer will present its highlights of DC servo motors for the intralogistics industry in hall 7 at stand A37 from 10 - 12 March 2019.
Automation is facing new opportunities and challenges as a result of digitalization and new technologies such as the Internet of Things. In order to create effective added value in such an environment, a cross-manufacturer and cross-value chain approach is indispensable. Partner ecosystems thus play a decisive role in creating interoperable solutions across the board.
Dunkermotoren has won two silver medals at the LEAP Awards for best components in mechanical and electrical engineering design.
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About Dunkermotoren GmbH

Dunkermotoren is a customer-oriented, innovative, quality- and environmentally conscious company. The success of our company predominantly rests on our employees. Our strength is the realisation of complete drive solutions. Based on our sophisticated modular system and the extensive product range of stadardised components, we are in the position to configure and manufacture customised solutions at short notice.

You are looking for the perfect drive system to solve your drive tasks. Use the offer of a leading manufacturer of electrical drive technology up to an output power from 1 up to 4000 Watt. Dunkermotoren engineers and manufactures system solutions based on:
  • brushless DC servo motors/ brush-type DC Motors
  • integrated power- and logic controllers
  • planetary- and worm gearboxes
  • linear direct drives
  • encoders and brakes

Enjoy the benefits of a global partner with different production- and logistic locations in Europe, China and USA.