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RECAPTON® 15 is a liquid product for devarnishing steel and other surfaces with Powdered -, waterbased and acrylic varnishes resp. Fotoresists which are removed completely and smoothly.
The dedication of PERCORAL® 22 is to boost decoating reactions and to provide an universal anticorrosion protection for all kinds of substrates (carbide, HSS, 100CrMnO6 etc.) at same time.
Spray machines typed as 90-120 PSE are multiple useful for spray devarnishing, spray cleaning, especially also for decoating by spraying process. Due to fact that all system are built of high anticorr...
FERRODEC®56 is a powdered decoating product for the cost efficient, rapid and safe-operable decoating of drills, mills, hobs and sawing blades made of High Speed steel and components of all other kind...
Spray systems typed as 90-180 HCS-RD or RDS are offered as TOTAL SOLUTION for devarnishing, cleaning and decoating in spray process already including integrated rinsing (RD) and drying (RDS) processes...
The supply of all technical demands as required for an always successful decoating with reproducible and reliable production results is an important part of our concept of total solution.
Decoating Facilities (as 60 MC 5)
The decoating product UNICERAL® 108 represents a new generation of high-efficiency decoating products for a safe and rapid decoating of especially CARBIDE with extreme stripping ratios up to 1 micron...
CERALTIN® 111 is an already prooved product for decoating carbide tools with monolithic, high-Alumina containing PVD coatings like AlTiN or AlCrN/ALCRONA. It´s also utmost suitable for Alumina-Oxide A...
EXCARBONITE®12 is a versatile decoating product and for this especially most suitable for forming tools, punches or Automotive parts made of corrosion sensitive tooling steels like 100CrMn6 or 1.2379...


A new generation of high-efficiency decoating products
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ab solut decoating is a specialist for decoating of PVD und CVD coatings as well as those of noble metals; we offer our customers world wide decoating products and decoating facilities/systems for decoating TiN, AlTiN, AlCrN, CrN, DLC and also for devarnishing.