Decoating Products (CERALTIN 111)

ab solut decoating technology

Decoating Products (CERALTIN 111) by ab solut decoating technology

CERALTIN® 111 is an already prooved product for decoating carbide tools with monolithic, high-Alumina containing PVD coatings like AlTiN or AlCrN/ALCRONA. It´s also utmost suitable for Alumina-Oxide Al²O³ applied by CVD. The retained surface of carbide tools keeps its origin brilliance due to the smoothprocess. CERALTIN® 111 is for this predestinated also for decoating of brandnew toolings.

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The decoating product UNICERAL® 108 represents a new generation of high-efficiency decoating products for a safe and rapid decoating of especially CARBIDE with extreme stripping ratios up to 1 micron...
EXCARBONITE®12 is a versatile decoating product and for this especially most suitable for forming tools, punches or Automotive parts made of corrosion sensitive tooling steels like 100CrMn6 or 1.2379...
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About ab solut decoating technology

ab solut decoating is a specialist for decoating of PVD und CVD coatings as well as those of noble metals; we offer our customers world wide decoating products and decoating facilities/systems for decoating TiN, AlTiN, AlCrN, CrN, DLC and also for devarnishing.