Decoating Facilities (HCS)

ab solut decoating technology

Decoating Facilities (HCS) by ab solut decoating technology

Spray systems typed as 90-180 HCS-RD or RDS are offered as TOTAL SOLUTION for devarnishing, cleaning and decoating in spray process already including integrated rinsing (RD) and drying (RDS) processes (basic version S: only spray process):
  • Integrated Rinse (HCS-R)
  • Integrated Rinse and Drying (HCS-RD)
All systems are provided with 2 separate tanks for devarnishing, cleaning or decoating products AND rinsing water. Drying is accomplished by Hot Air Register. Tanks and spray chamber are warmth isolated. Optionally filtering systems, emptying pumps and higher spray pressure (ca. 6 bar) and dual spray process per turn are available. Additionally these systems provide more comfort to applier. So shut down can be closed by hydraulic/pneumatic system.

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The supply of all technical demands as required for an always successful decoating with reproducible and reliable production results is an important part of our concept of total solution.
Decoating Facilities (as 60 MC 5)
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About ab solut decoating technology

ab solut decoating is a specialist for decoating of PVD und CVD coatings as well as those of noble metals; we offer our customers world wide decoating products and decoating facilities/systems for decoating TiN, AlTiN, AlCrN, CrN, DLC and also for devarnishing.