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hydraulic lift table

A lift table is exactly what its name implies. In its simplest form, it is a platform or table that can be raised or lowered to any height desired within its range of vertical movement.

EdmoLift’s stainless lift tables, work positioners and other lifting solutions are highly suitable for use in industries that set high requirements of hygiene, such as chemical, food, slaught...

Single scissor lift table Our largest product group is made up of simple, yet powerful and versatile lift tables. These single scissor lift tables can be found in a host of different operations, al...

Our largest product group is made up of simple, yet powerful and versatile scissor lift tables. These single scissor lift tables can be found in a host of different operations, all equall...

EdmoLift's low profile scissor lift table has a low closed height of only 80 mm, meaning that no pit is required. This increases its flexibility with regard to its field of applications and reduces...

EdmoLift's TZ-series is a series of stable Swedish manufactured trolleys and work tables. The trolleys are easily manoeuvrable and have a variety of different uses. TZ models can even be customised...

To handle goods that are both heavy and long you require a scissor lift table with special properties. With EdmoLift’s horizontal double scissor lift tables you have the solution at hand. The...

Scissor Lift Tables - Vertical Double & Triple Scissor

By equipping a scissor lift table with a number of scissor arms assembled vertically on top of each other, t...

EdmoLift's Lorry Loader is developed to be used on loading platforms for the loading and unloading of vehicles.

The Lorry Loader evens out the difference in level between the vehicle and...

EdmoLift offer a new and comprehensive tilt program with a range of tilt combinations. Assembly of the tilt unit can be mounted on the lift table platform or directly on the floor.

For i...

EdmoLift’s Pallet Lift handles materials to working heights of up to 980 mm. The pallet lift has clear leg and foot space on three sides which gives superior access and makes working sim...


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About EdmoLift Hebetechnik GmbH

EdmoLift is one of Europe's largest manufacturers and supplier of scissor lift tables, pallet handling products and material handling aids.

Anywhere lifting is done - office, factory, hospital, stage, warehouse, market, garage, shop, store, school, institution - products from EdmoLift can do the heavy work and take the strain off people. As the main cause of musculoskeletal disorders can be significantly reduced by eliminating lifting tasks, EdmoLift products can be called health aid.

Because it improves local equipment transport and supply, it might also be called an efficiency tool. EdmoLift saves money by reducing the costs for lost workdays and can therefore also be called an economic implementation.