EdmoLift Hebetechnik GmbH

EdmoLift Hebetechnik GmbH

  • EN 1570-1

EdmoLift Hebetechnik GmbH

  • EN 1570-1

17.11.2022 02:11


EdmoLift is one of the world's largest manufacturers of scissor lifts, pallet handling products and material handling aids.

EdmoLift has been providing lift tables and material handling solutions for over 50 years. The products can be found in companies of various sizes and industries.

in 1990 the German company, Mansson Schweden Import GmbH, started to sell products from EdmoLift AB. EdmoLift AB was founded in 1964 by Torbjörn Edmo in Härnosand, Sweden, and in 1993 the companies merged, since when the company has operated as EdmoLift Hebetechnik GmbH.

The need for ergonomic lifting systems has always evolved. A milestone in our work in the European market came at the turn of the century with EdmoLift's patented lift-tilt design. In addition to a wide range of products, we also offer special designs.

Based on today's technologies, the German subsidiary works like a division of the Swedish parent company.

EdmoLift produces lift tables for almost every application and all industries, from small component handling to loading lift tables or goods lifts. The lifting capacity of the tables ranges from 200kg to 10000kg. The product portfolio includes over 300 standard models, as well as custom designs and products with industry unique construction and design.

For EdmoLift, the development of new products, as well as the revision of existing models, is part of the daily work.

Why EdmoLift?
Our idea is to manufacture and supply lift tables, lift tilts, tilt tables, lift platform trucks, electric lifts and materials to meet the needs of our customers with ergonomic and efficient workflows. In close cooperation with our product development and our customers - the users, we strive to offer products at a technologically good level, constant design and competitive prices.

  • All devices are CE-tested and equipped with certification, as well as a declaration of conformity.
  • Full support for installation, maintenance and servicing.
  • Spare parts for all models are in stock to realize same day shipment.
  • Numerous lift tables are in stock and can be delivered immediately.
  • Many options such as rotating platforms, tilting devices, load flaps, protective bellows or guards, wheel bases, gates and gates are available for our lift tables, electric lifts and lift platform trucks to meet your needs.
  • The equipment can be custom built to customer specifications.
  • The average lifetime of an EdmoLift lift table is over 15 years. A good service and maintenance concept ensures trouble-free operation, as well as compliance with legal requirements.
  • EdmoLift's sales engineers have over 150 years of combined experience working with scissor lift tables - #1 in the industry.
  • 100% of customers surveyed rate EdmoLift products and service as good, very good or excellent.