HEAB Absaugtechnik GmbH

HEAB Absaugtechnik GmbH

  • DIN EN ISO 9001
  • DIN EN ISO 14001
  • EMAS EG-Öko-Audit

HEAB Absaugtechnik GmbH

  • DIN EN ISO 9001
  • DIN EN ISO 14001
  • EMAS EG-Öko-Audit

About HEAB Absaugtechnik GmbH

The company is located in the Free State of Thuringia and in the middle of the metropolitan region of Central Germany.

The medium-sized, value-oriented, family-run company is the competent partner for high-quality mobile and stationary extraction systems. The managing directors focus on optimised extraction systems for environmentally friendly and efficient work. Since 1997, the range of services has included: consulting, planning, implementation and service of extraction systems. The innovative HEAB product spectrum ranges from extraction accessories to large-scale process air systems.

HEAB stands with its slogan:


for maximum work and

company safety,

clean air and environmental protection.

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Air purifier (Mia Air)

Fresh air technology of the new generation of
air purifiers Mia Air is currently one of the most powerful
capable devices on the entire market and
convinces with its leading filter...

Dry filter systems

HEAB Cyclone Bag Pulse Filter System - ZSPF
The cyclone bag pulse filter system is ideally suited for the separation of dusts in many fields of application. Almost all types of dust can be sep...

Cartridge filter - PPF

The systems are precisely tuned for the filtration of the finest particles and dusts from the air that are generated in many machining processes.

Dust Collectors

The GZFA filter system is highly effective with automatic differential pressure control and compressed air cleaning.

Due to the round design and the tangential inlet of the sucked air,...

Dry Dust Collectors

A compact and space-saving "plug & play" filter unit.
The dust extractor GKFU is an extremely powerful extraction and filter unit for direct connection to dust-generating machines and sy...

Oil Mist Separators

The low-maintenance oil and emulsion mist separation systems are designed or projected according to the respective machining processes (on your machine tools). Even with the standard configuration,...

Emulsion fog separators

With an oil mist separator or emulsion mist separator of the EMU type, we offer you an effective technology for extracting oil mist from your machine tools.

Emulsion Breakers

The special design of the oil mist separator system, in conjunction with heavy-duty, progressively constructed
filter media ensure long service lives of up to one year and more, depending...

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Our industrial vacuum cleaners differ from commercial vacuum cleaners by certain features. With these outstanding quality features, our industrial vacuum cleaners are recommended for industrial use...

Dust extractors

Compact cyclone filter high vacuum - GZFU, which can be used as a central vacuum cleaner for cleaning or connecting hand tools.

Compressed air cleaned filter unit with timer control an...

Central Extractors

An extraction unit for universal use. The unit ensures trouble-free extraction of unpleasant substances or powders in many places. This modular system has been designed in the proven specification...

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