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Düsterloh pneumatic motors have been designed for permanent operation and rough operating conditions. They also work reliably in a humid atmosphere and under extreme climatic conditions.


To reduce the high pressure to the permissible operating pressure of the starter system

  • Socket version with thread connection G1, G1½, G2
  • With pre- and post-pressure...

Drives with high torque requirements and low output speeds are often more economically realized by combining a hydraulic motor and one- to four-stage planetary gear.

Our radial piston motor...

For the secure holding of static loads, our hydro motors and motor-gear combinations can also be fitted with an additional spring pressure disc brake. A distinction must be made here between brake...

Incremental rotary encoders, rotary pulse encoders or absolute rotary encoders are terms used to describe sensors used for recording changes in position, which can be both rotary angle and directio...

Düsterloh hydro motors have been in successful use in industry for decades. Their well though-out design and sturdiness guarantee top reliability even under difficult operating conditions. In conne...

Shrink discs are removable shaft to collar connections. They are used with gear motors of the slip-on type. They are resistant to dirt, have no moving parts and are thus not subject to any wear. They...

RMHP90 - RMHP110

Radial piston motors with polygon ring and gap ring control


Axial piston motors with wobble plate

For protection of the starter system if pressure reducers fail

  • Thread connection G¾, G1
  • Free blow-off
  • Adjusted and sealed
  • With TÜV approval
  • Te...
  • Tank sizes up to 8,000 dm³
  • Tank materials steel and stainless steel
  • Operating media mineral oil, gear oil, flame-resistant hydraulic fluids
  • Pipes with cutting ring or w...
A pneumatic coupling is used e.g. with emergency drives which are not designed to run all the time. In an emergency, the coupling is switched automatically and the pneumatic motor takes over the drive...
  • Pneumatic switching systems in compact design
  • Control units for pneumatic emergency drives for e.g. rotary furnaces, converters etc.
  • Installation in stainless steel switch cabi...


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About Düsterloh Fluidtechnik GmbH

For more than 100 years, Düsterloh has been developing, producing and selling hydraulic and pneumatic motors. International customers value the absolute reliability of the radial, axial and toothed wheel motors made in Hattingen, which prove themselves even under extreme conditions. The precision drives guarantee exact synchronisation, even at minimum rotary speeds. Düsterloh Fluidtechnik GmbH is a one-stop shop for particular requirements, special solutions for power unit engineering and tight delivery schedules, too: the company's own development and technical design department and a wide range of products from the owner-managed company ensure excellent flexibility and customer orientation.