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Effective shock absorption for heavy loads

The heavy industrial shock absorbers from ACE top off the company's offerings in damping technology. This ACE category gives Designers a cho...

damping pads
Viscoelastic shock absorbers

ACE has a range of low frequency pneumatic levelling mounts under the designations PLM and PAL: they keep vibrations, impacts and force peaks, e.g. from high performance and precision machines, at...

Gas springs (push type) can be used with all applications in which the lifting and lowering of loads must be controlled. They support manual forces and are used to control the lifting and lowering of...
Lifting and lowering for smart people
Anyone who wants to lift or lower loads with control and without excessive strength relies on the industrial gas push type springs from ACE. T...
Industrial shock absorbers are used as hydraulic machine components for slowing down moving loads with minimal reaction force. ACE shock absorbers are characterized by the use of the most recent and i...
Safety shock absorbers are used to provide security in emergency stop applications. Auto warehouse units, conveyors, or crane equipment, they are an inexpensive alternative to industrial shock absorbe...
The innovative TUBUS profile dampers are a cost-efficient alternative for emergency stop applications. They are made from a special co-polyester elastomer. They constantly absorb energies in areas in...
The rotary damper is a maintenance-free machine component for controlling rotary or linear motion. ACE rotary dampers ensure a controlled opening and/or closing of small lids, flaps and drawers. The h...
The clamping elements of the LOCKED series from ACE offer the highest clamping and braking forces in the shortest reaction times through the system of pneumatically pre-loaded spring plates. The clamp...
Takes over when things get too tight for gas pressure springs
If ACE gas push type springs cannot be used due to a lack of space, ACES' industrial gas pull type springs come into t...


Audiophile people want pure sound. That is why a manufacturer of hi-fi amplifiers is now using air springs against disturbing environmental vibrations.
Christmas is approaching. And with the number of online shops, the volume of parcels and packages is increasing. In 2018, there were 330 million deliveries in Germany at Christmas, said the Federal Association of Parcel and Express Logistics, and the trend is rising. The task of sorting plants is to cope with such quantities and above all at peak times. To do this, the sorters must move at high speeds without losing parcels. A new, high-end system does just this with the help of ACE miniature shock absorbers.
Formula SAE team of the University of Stuttgart honored by ACE at racing series in the USA
At the ceremony celebrating the winners of the second edition of INNOVACE, the student competition launched by ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbH, two teams stood out as equal champions this late November: Nico Graßmann and Rick Storm of the Fontys Venlo University of Applied Science, The Netherlands, as well as Mathias Blessing, Jannik Montag and Chris Taschelmayer from the Technical University Georg Agricola from Bochum, Germany, convinced the jury with their victorious concept designs for a mechatronic retaining and releasing system.
ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbH presents new online calculation tool for gas springs
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About ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbH

Your Specialist for Industrial Damping Technology

ACE, founded in 1963, introduced the first adjustable industrial shock absorber. Over 50 years later, ACE is the internationally recognized expert in the field of industrial damping technology. The company's portfolio now includes automation control, motion control, vibration control and safety products.

ACE's experienced, local support team is focused on finding the right solution for each customer - worldwide. The company's products are everywhere, from the bottom of the ocean to the sky above, and anywhere an accurate deceleration or force support or vibration control is needed. ACE is headquartered in Langenfeld, Germany (Marketing and Sales) and in Farmington Hills, Michigan (Engineering and Operations), with 5 branches and 4 production facilities worldwide as well as representative offices in 45 countries on all continents.

ACE is well recognized as the global leader in industrial absorption technology and with a strong belief in local support, available worldwide, has grown a distribution and supply network able to engineer and support in all the industrial nations around the world. With over one hundred and twenty stocking distributors located in over forty five different countries, manufacturing on three continents and a commitment to innovation and development ACE is available to help you, wherever you are.

The ACE international team comprises of fully trained, well respected local distributors each serving a local community, supported by the ACE international staff of senior engineers and designers able to advise and customize equipment to each companies specific requirement. Our international support is enhanced by multi-lingual staff, high levels of stock held in all locations and the ability to respond rapidly to even the most complex technical questions. Over forty years of experience in the industrial deceleration field and the successful cooperation with some of the most prestigious engineering establishments and universities has given ACE the ability to develop complex simulation programmes proven time and again to be correct on live projects. These features are available to you, if you need just one small part or are developing a complete new range of products. ACE is here to help you.