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Ground raceway

Bearing Type

4 race rings with ground raceways
Plastic ball cage with retained balls


Maximum possible integration capacity<...

The main bearing on the computer tomography machine is one of the elements responsible for ensuring that precise images are delivered. It must run quietly and with low vibrations, even at high spee...

Franke wire race bearings with integrated direct drive give you highest energy efficiency. The integration of the motor directly to the bearing, makes it possible to entirely dispense components su...

Light Weight Bearings by Franke
highest performance at minimum weight
By using ultra-lightweight materials and the latest manufacturing techniques, lightweight bearings by Fra...

Wire Race Bearings from Franke. Patented precision.
Our Wire Race Bearings comprise four race rings, balls, a ball cage and, on request, an enclosed construction.
Franke Wire Race Bea...
Franke Wire Race Bearings offer you a broad range of options to construct special bearings customized to suit your individual application, in addition to the standard program.
  • 4-point s...
  • Aluminium roller guides in various designs (e.g. non-corrosive, lubricant-free, LowCost)
  • All variations with inserted steel raceways
  • Large rollers for smooth and quiet ru...
2-ring bearing/profiled raceway
Slim bearings type LSA consist of one inner and one outer race ring with hardened and profiled raceway and a plastic cage with retained balls. The rolling e...
  • FTB Spindle drive
  • FTC Outer guide/spindle/toothed belt drive
  • FTD Inner guide/toothed belt drive
  • FTI Inner guide/toothed belt drive
  • FTH Outer guide/spi...
  • FDA Aluminium roller guide/Standard
  • FDB Aluminium roller guide/LowCost
  • FDC Aluminium roller guide/Non-Corrosive
  • FDD Aluminium roller guide/Non-Magnetic
Cylindrical Roller Bearings
Diameter range: Infinitely variable from 70 to 2000 mm


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About Franke GmbH

“An invention prevails.” This slogan is a homage to our company’s founder Erich Franke who invented the Antifriction Bearing in 1934. The principle of the four race rings that he developed is still followed in our company today. We are convinced that nothing will change in the future. Today, Franke is a globally renowned specialist in Antifriction Bearings and Linear Systems. We employ more than 200 people in development and construction, production and administration at our headquarters in Aalen. We also have numerous representations around the globe.