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Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Since its foundation in 1988, elisto GmbH offers comprehensive, customer-orientated and innovative all-round service. Based on the expertise acquired over decades, elisto GmbH has become...
Products: Refractory Linings, Fireproof Materials, Fireproof Building Materials, Rotors for motive power engineering, Technical Plastics, Mica Foils
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
We have been creating the best possible solutions for our clients in manufacturing and construction ith nearly 40 years now, and we know what counts...
Products: Slotted Angles, Silicone Mouldings, Silicon Sponge Profiles, Round cords, Rubber Mouldings, Edge Protectors, Rubber Profiles, Silicone Profiles
Manufacturer   Liechtenstein   Worldwide
Hilti provides leading-edge technology to the global construction industry. Hilti products, systems and services offer the construction professional innovative solutions with outstanding added value....
Products: Wood Screws, Wood Drill Bits, Masonry Drill Bits, Flap Wheels, Joint Sealants, Concrete Screws, Step Drill Bits, Eye nuts, Carbide Circular Saw Blades
Manufacturer   Italy   Worldwide
Products: Door knobs, Brass Rings, Door knockers, Stainless Steel Fittings, Door stoppers, Ball Handles, Barrier chains, Door Hardwares, Bow Handles, Door keys
Manufacturer   Finland   Worldwide
Products: Concrete Screws, Building Anchors, Anchor Rods, Cable Ties, Plastic Dowels, Concrete Anchors, Cable Feedthroughs, Drywall Anchors, Strut Channels
Manufacturer   Belgium   Worldwide
Products: Rain Gutters, Facade Claddings, Sandwich Panel Machines, Facade Panels, Facade Substructures
Manufacturer   United States   Worldwide
Products: Parquet Adhesives, Sealing Compounds, Tile Adhesives, Dispersion adhesives, Construction Adhesives, Primer, Carpet adhesives, Renders
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
As a service provider for electric heat generation, we are a recognised and reliable partner for your technical applications. Our product-responsible engineers will offer you...
Products: Heat Exchangers, Infrared Radiant Heaters, High performance ceramics, Stainless Steel Radiators, Air heating systems, Flat Panel Radiators
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Products: Bathroom Vanities, Urinals, Kitchen Sinks, Toilet Brush Sets, Bidets, Sanitary supplies, Sanitary installation systems, Bathroom Furniture
Manufacturer   United States   Worldwide
Products: Insulating Glass Spacers
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