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Manufacturer   Finland   Worldwide
Products: Floor screed films, Roofing sheeting, External Wall Insulation Systems, Heat insulating material, Building elements, Rigid Foam Panels
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
The U-kon International GmbH develops and manufactures aluminium substructure systems for rear ventilated facades. Since the company was founded it operates on the international market...
Products: Facade fasteners, Facade constructions, Facade systems, Facade construction, Facade profiles, Facade Substructures
Manufacturer   Czech Republic   Worldwide
Products: Paving Stones, Concrete Slabs, Palisades, Building Materials, Concrete piles, Concrete Components, Building elements, Concrete Grass Pavers
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Carl Stahl is a leading worldwide manufacturer of cable and lifting equipment. What started out in 1880 as a small rope maker that specialised in...
Products: Media technology, Stainless Steel Wire Ropes, Architectural Mesh, Assembly Systems, Stainless Steel Railings, Green Wall Systems
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Products: Rock Wool, Joint Sealants, Vapour barrier foils, Heat Insulating Boards, Impact Sound Insulation Products, Glass Wool, Insulating Boards
Manufacturer   Norway   Worldwide
Products: Baseboards, Parquet Adhesives, Parquet Floorings, Laminate Flooring, Vapor Barriers, Parquet cleaners, Wood Floor Sealers
Manufacturer   Poland   Worldwide
Products: Bathroom Vanities, Urinals, Bidets, Sanitary supplies, Wall Tiles, Bathroom Furniture, Shower Bases, Ceramic Tiles, Bathroom Cabinets, Wash Basins
Manufacturer   Italy   Worldwide
Products: Wall Tiles, Terrazzo slabs, Terrace Tiles, Ceramic Tiles, Granite Tiles, Paving slabs, Marble Tiles, Marble Slabs
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Products: Joint Sealants, Flange Gaskets, Pipe culverts, Sealing caps, House Connection, Formwork Accessories, Plastic Flanges, Cellar drains, Roof Drains
Manufacturer   France   Worldwide
Products: Bituminous corrugated sheets, Bitumen Roofing Shingles, Roofing Tiles, Bitumen, Corrugated Plastic Sheets, Roof coatings, Surface Coatings
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