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Werner Ragg has been one of the largest specialist dealers for floor screed layers, plasterers, painters and drywall builders in South Germany for over 30...
Products: Plaster profiles, Mortar guns, Border Profiles, Grinding Machines, Floor Screed Pumps, Facade paints, Plaster Bases, Assembly Dowels, Reveal Beads
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Every day and for many decades, the people at BOSIG have been demonstrating their competency in producing intelligent product solutions. But every new idea generates...
Products: Building Materials, Facade sealing, Foam tabes, Heat insulating material, Rigid Foam Panels, Polyethylene Foams, Sound Absorbing Materials
Manufacturer   Czech Republic   Worldwide
Products: Building Materials, Paving Stones, Concrete Slabs, Palisades, Concrete piles, Concrete Components, Building elements, Concrete Grass Pavers
Manufacturer   Switzerland   Worldwide
Products: Chemical Building Materials, Floor screed films, Parquet Adhesives, Heat insulating material, Corrosion Resistant Products, Rust-Proofing Paints
Manufacturer   Poland   Worldwide

Mostostal Siedlce belongs to the European leading manufacturers of steel structures. It specializes in production of steel structures and platform grates and in anti-corrosion protection...

Products: Zinc Plating, Production Halls, Special pallets, Bridge Beams, Grating Stair Treads, Metal structures, Fan Housings, Pallet Boxes
Manufacturer   Finland   Worldwide
Products: Floor screed films, Roofing sheeting, External Wall Insulation Systems, Heat insulating material, Building elements, Rigid Foam Panels
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
Products: Joint Sealants, Flange Gaskets, Pipe culverts, Sealing caps, House Connection, Formwork Accessories, Plastic Flanges, Cellar drains, Roof Drains
Manufacturer   Austria   DACH
Products: Facade Claddings, Roofing Tiles, Chimneys, Building Bricks, Brick Lintels, Paving Bricks, Wall Blocks, Masonry mortar, Brick Ceilings, Facing Bricks
Manufacturer   Finland   Worldwide
Products: Concrete Screws, Building Anchors, Anchor Rods, Cable Ties, Plastic Dowels, Concrete Anchors, Cable Feedthroughs, Drywall Anchors, Strut Channels
Manufacturer   Netherlands   Worldwide
Products: Pipe Clamps, Fasteners, Plastic Dowels, Steel Nails, Metal dowels, Impact Anchors, Insulation Fasteners, Aluminum Nails, Brass Nails, Mirror mountings
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