Cable Holding device (ML 1000)

Schuetz Messtechnik GmbH

Cable Holding device (ML 1000) by Schuetz Messtechnik GmbH

for extremely thin wires – from 0.03 mm to 3 mm

The ML1000-3F resistance measurement holding device is used for the measurement of the electric resistance of samples of cables, wires or other material during the inspection of incoming goods, manufacturing control applications and quality control.

The test object, the so-called meter sample of a cable or wire is fixed in the holding device, and the electric resistance between the two potential taps, which have a distance of exactly 1000 mm, is guaranteed by the distance between the potential tap and the supply terminals.

It is roughly eight times the largest allowable diameter.

In particular in combination with instruments of the MR1012S, MR300C-A series, electric resistances ranging from mΩ up to kΩ per meter can be measured with the ML1000-3F, which corresponds to wire sizes ranging from approx. 0.03 mm up to more than 3 mm diameter.

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About Schuetz Messtechnik GmbH

SCHUETZ MESSTECHNIK GMBH was founded in 1978
Main bussiness is Measuring Equipment for the Electrical Energy Distribution
  • Transformer instruments for resistance, ratio, phaseangle, vectorgroup detection
  • Micro-Ohmmeters, very high accuracy, 10n resolution Insulation Meters with 10kV and 10T
  • Digital Ohmmeters for industrial automation
  • Measuring equipment for Batteries and Fuell-Cells
  • Holding devices and measuring equipment for testing of all kind of power cables (Cu,Al) online and offline