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PFISTERER Kontaktsysteme GmbH

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PFISTERER Kontaktsysteme GmbH

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07.06.2024 05:06

Successful cooperation between PFISTERER and Lebenshilfe in Gussenstadt

PFISTERER, a leading global technology company for energy infrastructure solutions, and Lebenshilfe für Menschen mit Behinderung, Kreisvereinigung Göppingen e. V., are delighted about the successful collaboration at the Gussenstadt site.

Solutions for the global energy transition

The PFISTERER plant in Gussenstadt specializes in metal processing and plays a key role in the development and production of solutions that enable electrical networking in the context of the global energy transition. As part of this partnership, the dedicated employees of Lebenshilfe take on important assembly and manufacturing work. This includes activities such as milling small threads and inserting compression springs for screw connectors and connection terminals for transformers.

Since the start of the partnership two and a half years ago, Lebenshilfe Göppingen e. V. has assembled an impressive 4 million parts for PFISTERER. This milestone not only underlines the efficiency and quality of the collaboration, but also highlights the important role that social responsibility and inclusion play in the working environment.

Successful collaboration with social responsibility

"The collaboration with Lebenshilfe in Gussenstadt is not only a successful business partnership for us, but also a clear commitment to social responsibility and inclusion. We are proud of the milestones we have achieved and look forward to continuing this positive success story," says Hermann Schuller, Site and Production Manager of the PFISTERER Group's Gussenstadt plant. "For us, the cooperation with PFISTERER is an opportunity to create career prospects and at the same time a chance to actively contribute to the energy supply of the future. We are proud of this," adds Madeleine May, Deputy Workshop Manager at Lebenshilfe Göppingen.

The partnership between PFISTERER and Lebenshilfe Göppingen e. V. demonstrates how economic success and social commitment can be harmoniously combined. PFISTERER remains committed to inclusive working environments and sustainable partnerships.

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