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JAKOB Antriebstechnik GmbH

22.06.2022 01:06

For little space

Modern, innovative mechanical engineering is characterized by decreasing external dimensions with constant or increasing overall performance. Last but not least, drive technology has also committed itself to this development, and here the required connecting elements are a link that should not be underestimated.

With the well-known strengths of the metal bellows coupling (compensation of the shaft misalignment, high torsional rigidity, low moment of inertia, absolutely backlash-free, maintenance-free, temperature-insensitive all-metal design), the advantage of a very short overall length due to an expansion cone hub for integrated installation can be added. The expansion cone finds its secure connection in a correspondingly dimensioned, axial bore in the shaft.

With the expansion cone hub on one side and a radial clamping hub on the other, the rotationally symmetrical, force-locking connection and the assembly-friendly handling are retained, but the installation length within the overall system is considerably reduced. It is therefore ideally suited for applications with minimal shaft distances and limited installation space.

The high torsional stiffness values ​​of the metal bellows coupling in connection with its low moments of inertia make it particularly suitable for use in highly dynamic drives.

Overall, this coupling is a suitable link for demanding drive systems, for gearbox attachments, connection of encoders as well as spindle and axis drives.

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24.06.2022 02:10

No vibrations
In addition to the Simple-Flex, WD, WDS, WDZ und WD-VA series distance couplings, Jakob offers another standard series and customer-specific solution for bridging large center distances: the EKHZ series based on elastomer couplings of the EKH series.

12.06.2022 02:10

Reliable and inexpensive

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02.06.2022 01:05

Short and strong
With the compact KGE metal bellows coupling, a tailor-made solution has been developed for all gearboxes with drive flanges (DIN-EN-ISO 9409–1).

21.05.2022 06:30

Cost-effective and reliable

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07.05.2022 02:10

Concrete tester
With the 'digital type' concrete tester, JAKOB Antriebstechnik has developed an easy-to-use device for testing the adhesive strength of various substrates (such as concrete) in tear-off tests, which meets the requirements of a harsh working environment and modern evaluation methods. The measured load at the break can easily be documented contact-free by the concrete tester on a tablet or smartphone.