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KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH

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KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH

  • DIN EN ISO 9001

08.09.2020 00:09

SHD 200: Monitoring and additional control functionality for any 4…20mA/HART field device

New loop powered control unit for 4…20mA/HART field devices Second current output, two configurable relays, NAMUR NE 107 status LEDs For basic control applications in various industries

KROHNE introduces the new SHD 200 control unit. It can be used with any 4…20mA/HART field device for monitoring of process parameters and additional control functionality in various industries.

Beyond the functionality of a pure loop powered display, the SHD 200 offers a second current output (passive) that can be used for any HART variable provided by the field device. Thus, digital HART information can now be transmitted by an additional analogue 4…20 mA signal. The second current output can also be used for LEDs for signalisation of the field device status according to NAMUR NE 107 and for backlight.

The SHD 200 also features two programmable relays for status output, system alarm or limit switch functionality. By combining the input and output options, SHD 200 can be used for basic control applications: examples are displaying static and differential pressure with limit switch valve opening function in DP flow applications, simple dosing in pH value control applications or control of heating and cooling processes using the temperature values/ temperature difference of two temperature sensors.

When used as a display, SHD 200 provides convenient displaying of 4…20 mA and/or HART values via customer-specific measurement pages. It shows up to four different values for detailed process monitoring, including trend graph and summary page. Full access to all specific functions of the field device is possible via a HART handheld that can be connected to the SHD 200 via the internal or the optional external adapter.

HART is a registered trademark of FieldComm Group.

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