Absolut Analog Magnetic Scales MXAX and MXAZ

WayCon Positionsmesstechnik GmbH

"Absolut Analog Magnetic Scales MXAX and MXAZ" by WayCon Positionsmesstechnik GmbH

Jan 8, 2018
The MXAX and MXAZ magnetic scales are absolute linear measuring systems for minor linear displacements up to 1250 mm. They’re ideal for harsh environmental conditions (heavy-duty sensor) occurring in commercial vehicles with telescope systems or in hydraulic cylinders, for example. They have a broad spectrum of applications: absolute magnetic scales are also suitable for industrial trucks, forklifts, lifting platforms, or loading platforms.

The magnetic scale combines several advantages with a low price. The Macromelt® housing is particularly robust and encloses both the magnetic sensor and the electronics. The high protection factor of IP68 and IP69K withstands the majority of aggressive industrial environments. The sensor is therefore highly resistant to dust, dirt, moisture, moisture, oil, grease, and UV rays.

The thermoplastic housing further protects the sensor from oscillation, mechanical strain, shock, and vibration. The sophisticated magnet technology allows for non-contact measurement, thus guaranteeing stable measurements, maintenance-free operation, and a long operating life. The sensor’s mounting tolerance of up to 2 mm ensures easy installation without extensive adjustment.

Analogue signal outputs are available with 4…20 mA current or 0…10 V voltage. Thanks to the Teach Function, the sensor is easily scaled to the required axis, and only the start and stop point need be defined. The absolute magnetic scales reach an accuracy of up to ±2 μm at an operating temperature between -25 and +85 °C. Magnetic tapes have a good accuracy to travel speed ratio of max. 5 m/s. The position is refreshed every 100 μs for a maximum repeatability of ±1 increment. The status LED aids visual diagnosis and programming of the magnetic scale. The MXAX and MXAZ series are absolute linear systems, so the sensor head can reliably determine its exact position, even in the event of a mains failure.

MXAX and MXAZ magnetic scales are combined with an encoded magnetic tape which is highly resistant to dirt and external contamination: it only needs to be affixed.

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