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Incremental, Absolute Singleturn, Absolute Multi-turn
Incremental, Absolute Singleturn, Absolute Multi-turn
Due to their sturdy bearing construction in Safety-Lock™ Design, the Sendix 5000 and 5020 offer high resistance against vibration and installation errors. The rugged housing, high protection level of...
The incremental Sendix encoders 5006 / 5026 in stainless steel offers optimum material resistance and thus virtually unlimited durability. The high-grade seals, the IP66 / IP67 level of protection as...
The Sendix 7000 incremental encoders offer Ex protection in a compact 70 mm seawater durable housing. These shock and vibration resistant encoders operate flexibly with a resolution of up to 5000 puls...
The singleturn encoders 5858 and 5878 with Profibus interface and optical sensor technology are the ideal solution for all Profibus applications. They offer a maximum resolution of 16 bits, divided ov...
The Sendix M3658 and Sendix M3678 absolute encoders - singleturn with CANopen interface and magnetic sensor technology boast a resolution of 14 bits. With a protection rating of up to IP69k, these enc...
The multiturn encoders Sendix 5868 and 5888 with secondgeneration EtherCAT interface and optical sensor technology are ideal for use in all applications with an EtherCAT interface. The data communicat...
The Sendix F36 multiturn with the patented Intelligent Scan Technology™ is an optical multiturn encoder in miniature format, without gears and with 100% insensitivity to magnetic fields. With a size o...

Reliable speed measuring with magnetic sensor solution.

Bearingless encoders are the perfect alternative to bearing mounted encoders, due to their compact design and eas...

Motor feedback systems (S3674 / S3684 Motor-Line)
The draw wire encoders A40 and A41 with analogue output is characterised by its compact design. They are available with a potentiometer, voltage or current output.
  • Draw wire mechanics


Incremental Encoders with optional mechanical speed switch or with double en-coders
Even higher performance and now with 2 relay outputs
With the large Codix 560 Kübler is rounding off a totally new generation of preset counters.
From the outside it may appear just a pipsqueak, but despite its small 24mm appearance this miniature magnetic incremental singleturn encoder proves to be extremely robust - its non-contact magnetic scanning technology sees to this.
Steel can suffer, no question about it. Over the course of time strong detergents or acids can cause it to corrode. That is, unless we are talking about stainless-steel. Because the refining of steel not only brings with it a whole raft of beneficial mechanical properties but also a very high level of material resistance and consequently an almost unlimited service life
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About Kübler Group - Fritz Kübler GmbH

The Kübler Group belongs today to the leading specialists worldwide in the fields of position and motion sensors, counting and process technology as well as transmission technology. Founded in the year 1960 by Fritz Kübler, the family business is now led by the next generation of the family, his sons Gebhard and Lothar Kübler. Proof of the strong international focus lies in the fact that exports currently account for over 60 percent of turnover, with 8 international group members and distributors in more than 50 countries.

Kübler has grown particularly strongly over the past 10 years and now boasts a turnover in excess of 45 million euro (2011), with many major global customers. Customer focus, flexibility as well as know-how, which has been built up over decades, all form the basis for our broad and innovative range of products. These include individually tailored product and sector solutions, as well as solutions for Functional Safety. Short reaction times, the overriding desire to inspire customers and a very high level of service form additional pillars of the Kübler Group. The strict focus on quality, likewise aligned to sector requirements, ensures outstanding reliability and a long service life for all our products in the field. An additional success factor is the Kaizen culture that focuses on continual improvement.