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Heating, ventilation, heat recovery

These value factors are combined in the hall heating manufactured by LK. We offer efficient and ecological systems that meet every need. Through the hi...

Energy efficient hall heating

The warm air heater RBW sets standards in energy efficiency, sustainability and low operating costs in hall heating, with innovative condensing technology. T...

Halls will be heated economically and as needed

The warm air heater RE eco was developed especially for heating and ventilation of production and logistics halls.The warm air heater RE ec...

Ventilation system RK-K Powerful and versatile

The ventilation system RK-K LK has been specially developed for halls where constantair exchange is necessary. The installation of the venti...

Ventilation system REKU

The piggy bank on the roof!

The decentralised Ventilation system REKU is equipped with a plastic or aluminiumheat exchanger (recuperator)....

Significantly decrease incoming cold air through hall doors

The air curtain TL-R from LK contributes to significantly reducing incoming cold air from frequently opened hall doors. Preheat...

Opened hall doors and cold stays out

To enable internal transport between production halls in order to save time, doors are often open for a longer time. This applies to doors which lead...

Resource-saving heating of halls

Solar air collectors are suitable in combination with LK warm air heaters ideal for solar-assisted heating and ventilation of large buildings su...

Use energy efficiently and reduce costs

Therefore, energy-efficient regulations are the key to reducing energy consumption in hall heating.

The interactively...

Thermovent mixed air distributor

The supply air is supported by the integrated "Thermovent mixed air distribution" to achieve a steady reduction in the supply air blow temperature. The "T...

Return air ceiling fans

Return air ceiling fans type RDV 140 or RDV 90 ideally support the thermal balance of the hall from the roof to the ground. With a continuously variable speed contro...

Sound-insulating cabin

Sound-insulating cabins insulate noise at the source

The best remedy for high noise pollution is to reduce the noise at the source, such as...


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About LK Metallwaren GmbH

For the climate's sake!

More environmentally friendly and more efficient plant construction

LK Metall is active in plant construction and specialises in the fields of hall heating, sound insulating technology, water treatment and process technology.

We offer customised systems solutions and have many years of experience. Our innovative products set new standards in cost effectiveness and procedural expertise.

LK Metall looks back on nearly 150 years of entrepreneurial activity and has been active in metalworking since it was founded in 1862. From the original factory specialising in railroad lanterns, today a modern, innovative company, manufacturing energy-efficient and environmentally friendly systems in the areas of hall heating, sound insulating technology, water treatment and process technology, has developed.

From our two manufacturing locations in Germany, we provide our systems to customers across Europe. With our employee know-how, we develop customer-specific solutions in all four business segments. Our success and continuing development of successful systems solutions are due to the application of state-of-the-art production techniques in non-ferrous, iron and high-grade steel, as well as techniques and process technology that were established in-house.

Of course, our quality management is DIN EN ISO 9001 certified. Customer satisfaction is the primary motivation for our actions. This goes hand in hand with the higher cost effectiveness and efficiency of our products. Our clients include industrial companies from diverse sectors.

Our goal

We concentrate strongly on the niches, in which our quality, technical and cost effective edge gives us an advantage over our competitors.