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The result - better parts, longer tool life, and less spindle downtime. Leading manufacturers from all industries are taking advantage of the time saving, accuracy enhancing benefits of tool presetter...
The KAISER CKN-system was developed for both max. performance and max. rigidity with long tool combinations. It consists aluminum externsion tubes and boring heads as well as steel connector couplings...
Get the most out of your current machining center with the simple, powerful addition of Angle Heads. By allowing vertical, horizontal and angular operations without repositioning the workpiece, our An...
The ultimative tool for chamfering, back chamfering and face milling. C-Cutter mini is an ultra high feed chamfering mill with a compact design. This design reduces the cutting diameter to the lowest...
KAISER distributes the entire product portfolio of the Japanese tool builder BIG Daishowa Seiki, which has 700 employees and is the biggest collet chuck manufacturer in the world.
  • ME...
High Spindle speed increasers maximize the performance of your high efficiency cutting tools that were developed for advanced high speed machining. The continuous use of machine tool spindles at high...
The precision boring heads EWD are available in the following executions: series 112 (centric insert holder), 310 (side mounted insert holder) and 318 (large diameter). Thanks to the digital display a...
  • Short and compact boring head with an extremely rigid construction
  • Ground and play-free fitted micrometer spindle for a very precise and direct adjustment of the tool carrier...
Balanced boring tools can improve hole roundness and reduce cycle times even at lower speed in ferrous material.
A tool body with supports for insert holders of different heights, and insert holders of different lenghts, provide an unmatched versatility to the new roughing tool SW. Without changing any component...


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KAISER Precision tooling. On one hand we stand for high performance boring tools. On the other hand we manufacture mills, drills, tapping holders, collet chucks and presetters. All from one supplier. And everything with the highest quality for highest performance. 95 % of our tools we deliver directly from the shelf, in order to provide you the best solution as fast as possible.