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About Ulbrich GmbH

Ulbrich started abaout 60 years ago with the production of hydraulic components. Later on we developed and produced hydraulic presses and special hydraulic machinery. Today Ulbrich is a leading manufacturer in force- and positioning monitoring assembly presses as well as test presses. Highly qualified technicians solve your questions and select the most qualified solution for your problem! ULBRICH presses enable you to perform assembling and testing functions with your demanding quality. Our international alignment as well as the combination of creative and intelligent solutions are the basis for a successful and future-oriented cooperation.
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Assembly Presses

In order to comply with current quality asssurance standards, all production steps should be guided and controlled within defined tolerance levels and these values must be effctively documented.

Assembly Press

The C-frame press with outside-rotary-table is a tool-change-system in the actual sense. According to the table size as well a the tool-size there could be up to 16 tools installed. Once installed yo...

Shop Presses

Ulbrich workshop-presses convince through accomplishment-strength, its robust construction and its versatile use-possibilities. They exist according to implementation with press-table or movable press...

Assembly Press

At the C-frame press with inner-rotary-table turns the table with the workpiece. Each individual stations can be as a magazine or as an additional workstation. With the inner-rotary-table large series...

Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic press with 12 acting cylinder, force and distance controlled.

Production Press

We build production-presses in form of column-presses, pillar-presses etc. after your specification up to a max. force of 1600 tons. According to customer-wish with simple, doubles or triply cylinder...

Autofrettage System

Autofrettage system for pressure applications on radiators, pumps etc.

Spring Testing Machines

Ulbrich spring test machines are developed specifically for the railroad-industry. They are in the use in workshops as well as at spring manufacturers. Beside the classic coil spring, leaf springs, pa...

Shock Absorber Testers

With the Ulbrich shock absorber test machine shock absorber can be tested according theisr individual mouting position.

Column Presses

Our column-presses are designed per customer-specification. All movement-patterns are documented and can as also be represented graphically and numerically.

Air Spring Testing Machines

Force and positional monitoring test machine for determination of the spring characteristic on air springs including leakage test.

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