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  • Permanent magnet - single-face brake for DC (dry operation). Braking in unpowered condition
  • Holding brake, prevents rotation of the shaft at standstill or with turned off motor pow...
Planetary gearheads are suitable for transferring high torque. The larger gearheads are normally equipped with ball bearings at the gearhead output.
  • Torque up to 180 Nm
  • Reduct...
The quiet maxon Koaxdrive gearhead combines worm and planetary gearheads. The signature characteristic of the drive is its unusually quiet running, even under heavy loads.
  • Quiet <...
maxon GPX gearheads are low-noise and low-backlash. Ideal for when high torques and speeds are needed.
maxon GPX gearheads feature extremely high power transmission with a very short design. The...
maxon motor is the worldwide leading provider of high-precision drive systems up to 500 W. For the past 50 years, we have focused on customer-specific solutions, quality and innovation. As a result, o...
No sacrifice in performance.
maxon RE-max is the economical RE-line. Thanks to neodymium magnets, the drives are very powerful.
High-performance neodymium magnets (rare earth) supply...
The DC motors for getting started.
maxon A-max stands for high-quality DC motors with an optimal price/performance ratio.
The drives use an ironless rotor and AINiCo magnets. Thanks t...
Configure sizes from Ø 10 – 35 mm. Choose between precious metal or graphite brushes, ball or sintered bearings, and much more.
maxon DCX motors feature unrivaled power density (torque per...
Servo Amplifiers (LSC 30/2)
Servo Amplifiers (ADS 50/10)
When space is limited.
maxon flat motors are well-suited for use when space is at a premium. They offer an attractive combination of high performance and a low price. The brushless flat mo...
1-Q-EC Amplifiers
Cost-effective, Easy speed-control with Hall sensors up to 250 W.


In July, NASA will be sending its fifth rover to Mars. Its main mission is to collect soil samples that will be analyzed on Earth at a later time. The rover will also carry a helicopter that will perform the first flights on the Red Planet. maxon's precision DC and BLDC motors will be used for numerous mission-critical tasks.
maxon is once again expanding its range of configurable drives with more brushless DC motors, gearheads, and encoders from the ECX series. There is also news on positioning controllers in the micro segment.
ETH Zurich has decided to postpone the Cybathlon until 19–20 September 2020. The safety and health of all those involved in this major international event takes top priority.
In February, Solar Orbiter will start its mission to provide scientists with new data about the Sun. Swiss research and engineering have played a significant role in the construction of the space probe – including drives from maxon.
A powerful compact drive, new momentum in medical and aerospace technology, and an unusual snake: maxon will be showing this and much more at the SPS exhibition in Nuremberg from November 26th - 28th.
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The Leading Supplier of High Precision DC Brush and Brushless Servo Motors and Drives. At maxon motor, we combine electric motors, gears and DC motor controls into intelligent drive systems. Custom-made solutions for your applications. maxon motor, founded in 1961, is a Swiss company with more than 2000 employees worldwide.