Brushed DC Motors (A-max)

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Brushed DC Motors (A-max) by Maxon Motor AG

The DC motors for getting started.
maxon A-max stands for high-quality DC motors with an optimal price/performance ratio.
The drives use an ironless rotor and AINiCo magnets. Thanks to automated manufacturing, the maxon A-max motors offer top performance at an attractive price. Of course you don't need to forfeit maxon's modular system. A large variety of gears, sensors and controllers is available and can be combined to your heart's content.

Choose from six motor sizes:
Ø 12, 16, 19, 22, 26 and 32 mm
0.5 – 20 W

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About Maxon Motor AG

The Leading Supplier of High Precision DC Brush and Brushless Servo Motors and Drives. At maxon motor, we combine electric motors, gears and DC motor controls into intelligent drive systems. Custom-made solutions for your applications. maxon motor, founded in 1961, is a Swiss company with more than 2000 employees worldwide.