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Our range of elbows covers a broad spectrum of measurements, standards and materials for all forms of use in pipeline construction – up to and including those applications with the highest sa...

  • standards DIN 28011
  • measurements Ø 21.3-610.0mm
  • thickness 3.0-10.0mm
  • materials S 235, P265GH, 16Mo3
  • certifications 2.2 / 3.1 / 3.2

We manufacture a wide range of vessel heads to works standards, both for construction purposes and as dished vessel heads in the form of torispherical heads, elliptical heads and caps for pressure...

  • standards EN 10253-2 (Typ A/B)
  • measurements Ø 21.3-610.0mm
  • thickness 2.0-30.0mm
  • materials S 235, P265GH, 16Mo3; 13CrMo4-5, 10CrMo9-10, P355 N/NH/NL1/NL2,...

Our fittings include both concentric and eccentric reducers, tees as standardised parts and special fittings according to drawings.

Reducers in various lengths can be supplied, as can th...

  • standards EN 10253-2 (Type A/B)
  • measurements Ø 21.3-610.0mm, wall 2.0-20.0mm
  • materials P235GH TC1/TC2, 16Mo3; 13CrMo4-5, 10CrMo9-10

Special techniques such as surface- and heat treatments can be applied as per your specific requirements.

Additional heat treatment (normalising, tempering) is carried out in our modern...

  • standards EN 10253-2 (Type A/B)
  • measurements, Ø 21.3-610.0mm, wall 2.0-20.0mm
  • construction forms concentric, eccentric
  • materials P235GH TC1/TC2, 16Mo3; 1...

We understand custom-made parts to mean everything with which we can contribute to solving your problem. This specifically includes non-standardised products tailored to your individual requirement...

Weld-on Elbow
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About Hans Körber GmbH

KÖRBER stands for specialist capabilities, quality, customer proximity and dependability – on the solid foundations of a family-run company belonging to the German ‘mittelstand’. These are the values that govern our daily activities.

Our longstanding market presence has given us specialist capabilities that are reflected not only in our unparalleled product know-how, but also in our knowledge of their customer applications and of the market in general.

The quality of our products is no coincidence, but rather the result of combining our product know-how with the high level of qualification of our employees and the high technical standards of our processes.

We concentrate on the needs of our customers. Proximity and constant dialogue enable us to understand their applications and challenges – and we are always available as problem solvers.

For us, dependability means collaboration with partners who are trustworthy and fair in their commercial activities. KÖRBER has promoted this kind of collaboration for more than 100 years – with customers, suppliers and employees.

The success of the KÖRBER brand comes from the entrepreneurial tradition of an independent family-run company, for whom consistency and responsibility are focal points of the company culture. This we guarantee with our name – both today and in the future.