Georg Baier GmbH

Georg Baier GmbH

Georg Baier GmbH

About Georg Baier GmbH

Georg Baier GmbH is a Manufacturer of Jams & Marmalades, Mixed Mushrooms, Lingonberries, Nameko Mushrooms and Champignons, was established in 1949.

More than 50 Years our Name warrants - worldwide - for Finest Quality form Bavaria!

Getting all from the Experts: fresh,  preserved,  deep frozen mushrooms and berries,  deep frozen pan dishes.

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Jams & Marmalades

Blueberry Jam "extra Quality"

The proportion of berries is outstanding high. Produced with less sugar which means low calorie, too. A lickerish spread and for sweets.


Apricot jams

Apricot fruit spread
as a spread or sweet filling for baked goods from the Bavarian family business Baier in a 390 g jar

"Gourmet Quality": many sun-drenched fruits - less sugar! Ap...

Blueberry jam

Forest blueberries fruit spread
as spread or sweet filling for baked goods from the Bavarian family business Baier in 370 g jar

"Gourmet Quality": above average fruit content, less...

Wild cranberry compote

Forest cranberries compote
whole, wild-tart berries in sugar solution, especially for desserts
Made in Bavaria - berries from EU and non-EU - 125 g drained weight jar - vegan


Deep frozen Forest Fruits

Most modern processing warrants for good taste, freshness and finest quality!
Assortment: Chanterelles, King Bolets, various Forest- and Cultivated Mushrooms, Marone Mushrooms, Nameko Mushrooms,...


Made according to a traditional "home-style" recipe. Forest Lingonberries are an unsurpassed speciality of our firm. Heated carefully with pure beet sugar and no additives of any kind (e.g. gelatin...

Bilberry Extracts

Sweet and aromatic wild forest blueberries. Whole berries in sugared water. Packed in jars. (latin: vaccinium myrtillus)


These cultivated mushrooms are extremly popular due to their appealing look and taste. High quality champignons - whole mushrooms, whole mushrooms "extra tiny" or sliced to a thickness of 5 mm. Als...


The "KING" of the wild forest mushrooms is also the "KING" of flavour and taste! These extra-choice, cut mushrooms are treated with respect and care. Available in tiny whole buttons or sliced ("Bav...

Bay boletes


Frozen goods, 5 x 1kg

Cartons per layer: 12 cartons
kg per layer: 60 kg

Mixed Mushrooms

Savoury mushrooms from the Bavarian and European forest areas. Carefully processed just after harvesting for optimum flavour. A preferred and economy-priced mushroom mixture!

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