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Be it through air extraction from apartments, heat recovery or ventilation systems for workplaces and industry: Offering 1,600 products, MAICO is one of the leading...
Products: Ventilation units, Ventilation pipes, Ventilation distributor, Ceiling Fans, Roof Fans, Wall Fans, Inline Duct Fans, Centrifugal Fans, Exhaust Fans
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A Scandinavian design and development with market presence all over Europe: Pluggit GmbH room ventilation systems. Founded in 1995 by Swedish engineers in Germany, the...
Products: Ventilation units, Ground-Coupled Heat Exchangers, Ventilation pipes, Ventilation distributor, Air Purifiers, Humidifiers, Air Diffusers, Roof vents
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Products: Ventilation units, Roof Fans, Roof vents, Ventilation installations, Wall Fans, Industrial Fans, Exhaust Valves, Outlet Valves, Range Hoods
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Products: Ventilation units, Ceiling Fans, Insect Killers, Water Kettles, Home appliances, Juicers, Dishwashers, Cable Accessories, Wall Fans, Bakery Ovens
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The Viessmann Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of heating systems. Founded in 1917, the family business maintains a staff of approximately 9,600...
Products: Ventilation units, Exhaust Gas Heat Exchangers, Heating installations, Cogeneration Systems, Waste heat recovery boilers, Solar Heaters
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Products: Ventilation units, Drive Technology, Hygrometers, Shaded Pole Motors, Measuring & Test Equipment, Pressure Calibrators, Transmitters, Pressure tubes
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Products: Ventilation units, Motor scythes, Trailer Hitches, Shock Absorbers, Rain Water Tanks, Electrical Heaters, Air Conditioning Units, Garden ponds
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Products: Ventilation units
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Products: Ventilation units, Magnetic Cores, Temperature Sensors, Relays, Tab Washers, Repair & Maintenance, Protective Housing
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Products: Ventilation units, Air nozzles, Air grates, Roof Fans, Heat Recovery Systems, Ventilation installations, Air Conditioning Units, Inline Duct Fans
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Ventilation units simplify daily ventilation enormously. In principle, it is a matter of exchanging used air (exhaust air) for fresh air. As little heat as possible should be lost and a healthy moisture content of the breathing air should be guaranteed.

Ventilation units save time and ensure that mould does not develop. Almost all of these devices are designed to save space. The collective term "ventilation devices" also includes air humidifiers, dehumidifiers, evaporators, fans, etc. In addition, some devices are designed so that they can do a little more than just "ventilate".

Ventilation and heat recovery - is that possible?

Digitalisation has not stopped at heating technology either. Energy should be saved, ecological processes should be carried out and sufficient heat should still be available. Passive houses are practical and save money. The necessary technology behind them, for example, is provided by ventilation equipment manufacturers such as Meltem from Alling. The innovation of this supplier consists in the decentralized ventilation and simultaneous heat recovery. Meltem owns several patents for heat recovery systems.

What does heat recovery (WRG) mean?

In principle, this involves the efficient use of the thermal energy generated. The waste heat that is used is generated, among other things, by the exhaust air from refrigeration appliances and air conditioning systems. Heat recovery allows more than 90% efficiency to be achieved. Energy costs can thus be reduced outstandingly. The reduction of CO2 emissions and the protection of the living area against moisture are the most important criteria for the ventilation of living space. Ventilation systems must also be energy-efficient.

The outside air is sucked in and cleaned. Activated carbon filters and allergy filters make this possible. The consumed air is led through a cross-flow plate heat exchanger. The heat from the exhaust air is used to heat the fresh air. Parking areas that are only entered or ventilated a few times a year pose a particular problem. Here it comes very often to the all-sided feared mould formation. The ventilation is mostly a problem.

What are the selection criteria for manufacturers of ventilation units?

Fast delivery times, reliable operation, high-quality and durable units are the hallmarks of good manufacturers. In this area, too, downtimes must be avoided or at least reduced. Replacement devices for industrial and commercial applications are commonplace in this sector. Maintenance and repair are particularly important here, as the devices are in continuous use. Although ventilation units are robust, they are far from being like motors, for example. Regular inspections and maintenance ensure a fairly long service life. Used equipment is recommended for private use. If these are purchased from a well-known manufacturer, there is also a warranty claim.

Digitisation in the ventilation sector, a challenge and at the same time a selection criterion for expert manufacturers!

Digitalization has also not stopped at this industry. Good manufacturers should also have sufficient experience in this field. This can save a lot of time and money. This makes repairs a little more difficult, but should not be a problem at all for good specialists. The digital use and application of ventilation units allows many possible combinations.