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Manufacturer   Denmark   Worldwide
Products: Roof Fans, Roof vents, Ventilation installations, Wall Fans, Industrial Fans, Exhaust Valves, Ventilation units, Outlet Valves, Range Hoods
Manufacturer   Netherlands   Worldwide
Products: Screw Compressors, Food Freezers, Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Pressure Vessels, Refrigeration Compressors
Manufacturer   Germany   Europe
A Scandinavian design and development with market presence all over Europe: Pluggit GmbH room ventilation systems. Founded in 1995 by Swedish engineers in Germany, the...
Products: Ground-Coupled Heat Exchangers, Ventilation pipes, Ventilation distributor, Air Purifiers, Humidifiers, Air Diffusers, Roof vents
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems - One point of entry for all your needs
ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems is the world’s most complete supplier of...
Products: Cleanroom Doors, Industrial Gates, Swinging Doors, Strip Curtains, High Speed Roll Up Doors, High Speed Doors
Manufacturer   Denmark   Worldwide

Basic products combined with BELKI’s know-how create unique customised filtration solutions for process fluids

Starting from our basic range of high quality Greentech products,...
Products: Lamella Separators, Oil Separators, Belt Filters, Skimmers, Industrial cooling systems, Central Coolant Filtration Systems
Manufacturer   Czech Republic   Worldwide
Products: Injection Molded Rubber, Stainless Steel Furniture, Cleanroom Doors, Fireplace inserts, 19 Inch Rack Cabinets, Operating Tables, Security Doors
Manufacturer   Italy   Worldwide
Products: High Pressure Fans, Industrial Fans, Centrifugal Fans, Exhaust Fans, Explosion Proof Fans, Axial Fans, Machine construction
Manufacturer   Germany   Worldwide
GEA Wiegand designs, manufactures and supplies Evaporation and Distillation plants, Membrane filtration plants, Vacuum systems and Scrubber for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the food...
Products: Solvent Distillation Systems, Steam Jet Heaters, Gas Scrubbers, Jet Pumps, Membrane Filter Machines, Venturi Scrubbers, Paint Mist Extraction Plants
Manufacturer   Germany   Asia North America South America Europe
The company GoGaS Goch GmbH & Co. was founded in Hamburg in 1946 and proudly looks back to many years of successful activities in the...
Products: Large space heatings, Hot Air Heaters, Wagon defrosting installations, Warm air drying plants, Stadium Heaters, Patio Heaters, Dark radiant
Manufacturer   United Kingdom   Worldwide
Products: Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC), High Efficiency Blowers, Tunnel Fans, Industrial Fans, Centrifugal Fans, Industrial Blowers
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