Norm Pumps

SPECK Pumpen Verkaufsgesellschaft GmbH

Norm Pumps by SPECK Pumpen Verkaufsgesellschaft GmbH

Robust design with proper dimensioned wall thickness and solid workmanship, thorough final check at the test facility (long service life even under harsh operating conditions).
Block design allows impressive circulation performance with minimal space requirements, no aligning between pump and motor necessary.
The motor can be replaced without dissembling the pump or mechanical seal.
Low noise operation due to robust, massive construction and meticulous static and dynamic balancing of the rotating unit (low-vibration operation protects the bearings).
Field of application:
  • Swimming pool technology
  • Filter plant construction
  • Water supply
  • Irrigation systems
  • Drainage
  • Water treatment
  • Shipbuilding
  • Industry
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